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Subject:What KB Shortcuts do you use ?
Posted by: Zacchino
Date:7/22/2004 4:21:11 AM


In AP4, I'd like to know what are the shortcuts that you guys use the most.
Or what are the orther "not popular" keyboard shortcuts you found useful to speed up your production process under AP4 ?

For my part,
Except of CTRL-C/CTRL-V and CTRL-Z, I use "s" to split, "Space" to play (not "Enter"), S to solo track, CTRL + Selection (multiple selection), "I" and "O" to define a loop segment and some other that I rarely use...

I'm just curious... And maybe that i'll learn some from your replies.


Subject:RE: What KB Shortcuts do you use ?
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:7/22/2004 11:04:06 AM

I use pretty much all of those, plus CTRL+F4 to close a project, CTRL+B to paste repeat, number keys to move to a specific marker, various keys to navigate (Home, End, Page Up, Page Down), and 5 on the keypad to toggle between the in and out points of the Loop Region.

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Subject:RE: What KB Shortcuts do you use ?
Reply by: rome
Date:7/22/2004 1:19:14 PM

How about ctrl-drag to duplicate a loop?

Subject:RE: What KB Shortcuts do you use ?
Reply by: plastique
Date:7/22/2004 1:29:39 PM


Ctrl-A - select all
U - show busses
D - change tool
R - set region
T - insert Tempochange
K - insert Keychange


Subject:RE: What KB Shortcuts do you use ?
Reply by: Zacchino
Date:7/23/2004 12:15:29 PM

Tnx for the feedback, I'll try these ones. Now it's a matter of time to get used to it (and then it should log into my mind's production reflexes :) )

Subject:RE: What KB Shortcuts do you use ?
Reply by: grainerr
Date:7/24/2004 1:18:18 AM

Those are a great. I use AutoCad during the day and when trying to remember or get used to a new keyboard shortcut or command I write them on a small post-it note and stick to the frame of my monitor in a place where I can't help but see it. Flourescent yellow really stands out for me. My 2 cents.

Subject:RE: What KB Shortcuts do you use ?
Reply by: Big_Faced_Boy
Date:7/26/2004 8:41:04 AM

A favourite of mine is to use alt+l click mouse and move l/r to move the contents of an event. You can be much more precise with this than you can with the regular editing tools.

Ctrl+mouse for copying.

Using ctrl whilst clicking on multiple events/tracks will add them to your selection (this works in Windows too).

Click on a track name so that it is highlighted (I mean over by the volume fader for the sample) then hold Shift and click on another track a few up or down from the one you just selected. This will highlight all tracks between your first and second clicks. (Also works in Windows Explorer windows, not just ACID).

Whatever happened to the "Show Tip Of The Day on Startup" option? Did ACID ever have one? If not, why not?!

Also, did you know that you can drag and drop files onto links on your desktop to launch the file in that application? (If the application is already open, you can drag and drop the file from any explorer window straight into the application by dropping it onto the background).

For instance, ACID has just finished mixing a song and gives me the options to open the file (which will normally open it in your Media Player) or Open Folder, which brings up an Explorer window showing the folder you just mixed the file into. Select "Open Folder", then click (and hold) on the wav file and drag it onto the icon for Sound Forge (or whatever you want to open it with) on your desktop, then release. The application will open, along with the wav. Most handy.


Subject:RE: What KB Shortcuts do you use ?
Reply by: MyST
Date:8/2/2004 5:02:54 AM

Just curious if anyone here has looked at the Contour Shuttle?
I discovered this great input device via the Vegas forums. It works GREAT!
Jog/shuttle wheel and programmable keys for your favourite shortcuts.
I programmed one of the keys to be "S". Now I position my cursor (very precisely using the jog wheel) and hit S to get my Split.
Devinitely worth a look. Sony's "Big 3" apps are supported.
Money tight...ShuttleXpress (which I have).
Money not so tight...Shuttle Pro V2


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