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Subject:ReWire????? Help
Posted by: mksphnx2001
Date:7/7/2004 12:59:12 PM

I'm rying to use Reason with Acid 4 and have no idea on how to use ReWire. Can someone please explain the process.


Subject:RE: ReWire????? Help
Reply by: rome
Date:7/7/2004 1:32:45 PM

When you insert a soft synth, you should see a tab for rewire. Click it and choose reason.

Subject:RE: ReWire????? Help
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:7/7/2004 1:34:35 PM

Propellerhead has a FAQ on their site that explains how to use Reason and ACID together. One of the articles is Setting up Sonic Foundry Acid 4.0 as a ReWire host application. I don’t have Reason or else I would help you myself. Just go to their support page for Reason and click on the ReWire help topic.


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