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Posted by: mksphnx2001
Date:7/7/2004 8:15:49 AM

How do you use this? I can't figure it out...


Subject:RE: BeatMap
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:7/7/2004 10:59:26 AM

The Beatmapper takes a track (in whatever compatible format it may be) and tries to figure out the tempo of the track for you.

This is not an exact science, as you may have a track that has tempo changes; the Beatmapper will only analyze for one specific tempo and works best for a track recorded in common time (4/4 time signature). (You can try using a track that uses 3/4 but good luck.)

Also, due to the nature of digital audio (which is basically perfect in terms of structure), if there is even a minute difference in tempo between what the Beatmapper determines and the actual tempo the track was recorded at, I guarantee you'll get drifting.

Still, the Beatmapper comes in handy, especially for tracks that follow a strict tempo you'd like to determine for use in a project. Beatmapped tracks also follow the timestretching routine employed with Loop track types, so you can speed up or slow down a Beatmapped track based upon the overall project tempo.

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