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Subject:16bit/44kHz bouncing/What's Acid4's internal bitrate?
Posted by: _zerobae
Date:6/11/2004 4:06:58 AM

I hope I'll get this straight, sorry for my English in advance:

I got myself some mastering plug-ins recently, so there shouldn't be any need for additional mastering software other than Acid4 itself if I apply those plug-ins to Acid's master channel.

Now my question: Until now I normally bounced the mix down at 24 bits/ 48 kHz, then imported it to some mastering program and from there saved the file at 16bits/44.1 kHz to get it on CD. If I now apply mastering plug-ins to Acid's master channel and render the whole mix at 16bits/44.1 kHz, does that mean that every effect and VST-instrument used in the song would operate at 16 bits, so that if there's say five effects applied to a track, this track would run through 16bits-processing for five times, making it sound much worse in the end?

Or does Acid operate at a higher bitrate internally, so that only the mixdown is rendered at 16 bits, but NOT every single track and its effects/VST-instruments?

Of course I could always render the file at 24 bits, re-import it to Acid, apply the mastering effects and then render it for CD, or even render the mastered mix at 24 bits, re-import it and just re-save it for CD, but I'd like to do it all in one step - if that won't result in much worse sound quality.

Thanks for your support.

Subject:RE: 16bit/44kHz bouncing/What's Acid4's internal bitrate?
Reply by: spesimen
Date:6/11/2004 7:51:18 AM

in a recent thread on this topic, sorny's acid progrmmer/guru said that it uses floating point for all the internal calculations.

so it's actually ideal to use your mastering plugs as the last step of the chain in the master channel because they are working with a floating point representation of your mix, and it only gets dropped back to 24bit or 16bit on the very last step when written into a file... that way your dithering algorithms and stuff are working they way they are supposed to, as well.

Subject:RE: 16bit/44kHz bouncing/What's Acid4's internal bitrate?
Reply by: _zerobae
Date:6/11/2004 10:42:13 AM

Thank you spesimen for your reply!

Thanks to your hint I found the thread you're referring to. Anyone interested can read it here.

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