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Subject:Mixer Consoles
Posted by: last_8
Date:5/26/2004 6:33:32 AM

Is there a recommended mixer console/controler compatible with Acid Pro 4?
How about the newest Mackie?

Subject:RE: Mixer Consoles
Reply by: JohnnyRoy
Date:5/26/2004 6:39:27 AM

The Mackies are compatible with Vegas 5 but ACID Pro 4.0 has no console support today. We can only hope that the next version of ACID adds this.


Subject:RE: Mixer Consoles
Reply by: last_8
Date:5/26/2004 7:01:46 AM

Yeah, Acid with an external mixer controler on a G5...

Subject:RE: Mixer Consoles
Reply by: last_8
Date:5/26/2004 7:51:44 AM

Can I export mixes to Vegas 5 - then use my Mackie?
Or even develop mixes in Vegas itself?

Subject:RE: Mixer Consoles
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:5/26/2004 9:38:50 AM

In Acid you can export each entire track as a separate .wav file. Load these files into Vegas and have at it.

Subject:RE: Mixer Consoles
Reply by: groovewerx
Date:6/20/2004 12:19:21 AM

I use Acid Music 3g. I hadn't found a need for Acid Pro until i tested the Acid Pro 3 demo. I recently added a Behringer 3282A to my bedroom rig and decided to try sending Acid tracks to it. With the demo, I was able to route individual and grouped tracks to different outputs of my sound card. From there those outputs go to the mixer, then to one of the mixer's sub-group buses and back to one of the sound card inputs.

I was able to eq, effect, and mix those tracks with hardware while recording them back intp Acid w/o creating a feedback loop.

I'm sure Acid Pro 4 must have a similar bus feature that will allow anyone to do the same. My question is: Does Vegas have that feature? I wish I had a decent web connection so I can download and test its demo. I need to decide if I'll take Vegas 5 or Acid Pro 4 as my contest prize. Since I have Avid Xpress I don't think I would use Vegas for video but if it can handle audio as well or better than the Acid Pro 3 demo, I'll chose it.

Subject:RE: Mixer Consoles
Reply by: drbam
Date:6/20/2004 6:58:09 AM

Depending on your soundcard(s) I/O, Vegas can route as many output busses as you could ever want. Currently I run 16 analog outs (8 stereo busses in Vegas) through Layla 24's into my analog console. This is primarily to make use of outboard processing but I generally do all eq, fader moves, and a lot of other mixing functions within the Vegas session.


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