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Subject:trouble using emu 1820m to record
Posted by: mortalengines
Date:5/8/2004 1:41:59 PM

I just tried to record into Sound Forge 6.0 using my Emu 1820m sound card/interface & I can record into Acid Pro 4 by selecting EMU ASIO driver in the preferences box as a record device - I don't get this option in sound forge for some reason -All I get is microsoft sound mapper or e-dsp as a "record from" device. when I try to adjust in my preferences. Does Sound Forge 6.0 (what I have) not support ASIO? This seems strange since Acid Pro does.

Subject:RE: trouble using emu 1820m to record
Reply by: wigworld
Date:5/9/2004 5:29:09 AM

ASIO is useful for low latecy recording/playback, which is only really useful for multitrack software, such as Acid. I believe the ASIO spec. is owned by Steinberg, and ASIO implementation might mean Sound Forge having to credit Steinberg (i.e. a rival software company) on their packaging and advertising.

Subject:RE: trouble using emu 1820m to record
Reply by: groovemaniac
Date:7/17/2004 8:35:08 PM

Well I understand why mortalengines posted the question/issue. I have an EMU 1212M and I dont get the ASIO driver option either. That sucks.. why? because you cant record in high 192khz sample rate with the listed EMU ESP driver... I tested this in my Steinberg wavelab and i was able to record up to 192khz using the ASIO Drivers.

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