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Posted by: the_curtis_man
Date:3/9/2004 5:28:10 AM

I think the next update to Acid 4.0 should include VST support. They have support for direct-x plug-ins, so why not VST? VST is automatable, too! And is found in other music applications, such as Cubase and Logic. What do you think about VST plug-in support?

Subject:RE: Idea
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:3/9/2004 3:52:43 PM

If you want VST plugin support go to...

Buy this and have fun NOW instead of making sony spend the extra r&d to do it themselves.


Subject:RE: Idea
Reply by: Zacchino
Date:3/10/2004 1:55:28 AM

Plus with this adapter, you'll be able to automate almost all fx running through it (whereas in DX, Acid sometimes doesn't allow automation).

The last version supports Delay Compensation (especially for Voxengo killer effects)

Subject:RE: Idea
Reply by: jtxx000
Date:3/10/2004 5:20:44 PM

I have a VST adapter but I still say sony should include have vst support in acid.

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