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Subject:Changing Default Track EQ???
Posted by: MattX
Date:2/27/2004 12:21:41 PM

Currently my new laptop can handle alot more than the Default Sony Track EQ....I would like to change the default EQ to the Waves R Channel..meaning, whenever i add any loop to my automatically opens with the Waves EQ...not the Sony Track EQ.

How can this be achieved so that every project will open this way???

Advance Thanks,

Subject:RE: Changing Default Track EQ???
Reply by: pwppch
Date:2/27/2004 6:58:02 PM

Add a track with the FX chain you want.

Right click on the track and select

Set default track properties...

Follow the instructions on the dialog.

PS: Read the manual, as there are tons of things like this discussed.

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