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Subject:Hideous Exception Error!
Posted by: TeeDub
Date:2/17/2004 10:20:38 PM

I'm using ACID Pro 4.0 and loving it, but lately, after having upgraded to the latest version (from the website, fixed some MIDI problems I'd been having) I get an Exception Error when I Render As. Here's the deal:

I Render As a .wav file to my desktop (for instance) so I can do some sound tweaks in other programs and the render goes fine. However, immediately upon finishing the Render I get an Exception Error box (description to follow) that doesn't want to go away when I click "OK". At this point I scurry to open the .wav file I made in SoundForge to make sure it exists (this seems to help keep it from getting wiped out when the crash I'm about to describe occurs). After a minute or two, either ACID just suddenly shuts down and my system starts lagging or my whole system completely, instantly restarts.

Crazy, huh? Here's a complete post of what the details of my error say:

Sony ACID Pro 4.0
Version 4.0f (Build 446)
Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x80000074 IP:0x23F80B
Thread: GUI ID=0x538 Stack=0x9E000-0x130000
EAX=c0000000 CS=001b EIP=0023f80b EFLGS=00010282
EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=0009e700 EBP=0009e728
ECX=00000000 DS=0023 ESI=0023f80a FS=003b
EDX=0000c0b9 ES=0023 EDI=0009e772 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
0023F80B: 03 74 00 74 00 6F 00 6E .t.t.o.n
0023F813: 00 00 00 00 00 22 00 03 ....."..
Stack Dump:
0009E700: 77D43A50 77D40000 + 3A50 (USER32.dll)
0009E704: 000C016C 00030000 + 9016C
0009E708: 0000C0B9
0009E70C: 00000000
0009E710: 00000000
0009E714: 0023F808 00140000 + FF808
0009E718: DCBAABCD
0009E71C: 00000000
0009E720: 0009E770 00030000 + 6E770
0009E724: 0023F808 00140000 + FF808
0009E728: 0009E790 00030000 + 6E790
0009E72C: 77D43B1F 77D40000 + 3B1F (USER32.dll)
0009E730: 0023F808 00140000 + FF808
0009E734: 000C016C 00030000 + 9016C
0009E738: 0000C0B9
0009E73C: 00000000
> 0009E784: 77D7390A 77D40000 + 3390A (USER32.dll)
> 0009E788: 77D99B68 77D40000 + 59B68 (USER32.dll)
> 0009E794: 77D43D79 77D40000 + 3D79 (USER32.dll)
> 0009E7E4: 77D7390A 77D40000 + 3390A (USER32.dll)
> 0009E7E8: 77D99B88 77D40000 + 59B88 (USER32.dll)
> 0009E7F4: 77D43DDF 77D40000 + 3DDF (USER32.dll)
> 0009E800: 77D4B409 77D40000 + B409 (USER32.dll)
> 0009E838: 77D4D9A0 77D40000 + D9A0 (USER32.dll)
> 0009E860: 77D4D9DB 77D40000 + D9DB (USER32.dll)
> 0009E864: 00400000 00400000 + 0 (acid40.exe)
> 0009E868: 01203720 01000000 + 203720 (acid40k.dll)
0009E86C: 000401F4 00030000 + 101F4
> 0009E870: 0105D300 01000000 + 5D300 (acid40k.dll)
0009E874: 0009F0C4 00030000 + 6F0C4
0009E878: 00000003
0009E87C: 0009E89C 00030000 + 6E89C
> 0009E880: 77D6D467 77D40000 + 2D467 (USER32.dll)
> 0009E884: 00400000 00400000 + 0 (acid40.exe)
> 0009E888: 01203720 01000000 + 203720 (acid40k.dll)
0009E88C: 000401F4 00030000 + 101F4
> 0009E890: 0105D300 01000000 + 5D300 (acid40k.dll)
- - -
0012FFF0: 00000000
0012FFF4: 00000000
0012FFF8: 005F356A 00400000 + 1F356A (acid40.exe)
0012FFFC: 00000000

Anyone with the patience to actually read my post have any advice for me? This program really is the isht, but man, this bug is driving me nuts.

Subject:RE: Hideous Exception Error!
Reply by: UNITIS
Date:2/18/2004 7:35:29 AM

I have been having the same error from time to time, and asked the same question a week ago. It has not happened since, so I could not post the error message. Thanks for posting. I hope somebody has an answer.

Subject:RE: Hideous Exception Error!
Reply by: UNITIS
Date:2/19/2004 7:12:58 AM

I want to keep this post at the top!!! I would like to know the answer.

Subject:RE: Hideous Exception Error!
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:2/19/2004 12:29:34 PM

Hmm. You might want to try uninstalling ACID and then reinstall using just the update (as it acts as a full version—be sure to keep your serial key handy).

Anything running in the background besides ACID? Any FX being rendered along with the WAV? (If so, are they 3rd party or Sony's?)

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mD's ACIDplanet Page

Subject:RE: Hideous Exception Error!
Reply by: BarryBond
Date:2/20/2004 1:18:57 PM

I have been having that same problem and major crashes in Rewire mode. It got the the point where I couldn't get anything done at work so I just unistalled and reinstalled and everything is fine again.

Subject:RE: Hideous Exception Error!
Reply by: TeeDub
Date:2/21/2004 8:57:25 PM

turns out that's what I needed to do. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the update and it's working now. Thanks!

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