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Subject:Soft Synth Keeps Reseting plus Minor Audio Glitch
Posted by: MattX
Date:2/13/2004 2:19:15 PM

Hi All,
so My problem exists with ACID 4.0f: while messing around with the Novation V-Station Soft Synth...all of the changes I make seem to be reset everytime I hit stop or play from beginning. The entire sound resets to the stock posistion. Its even happened when I've closed the window and opened it again...while Acid is still playing. Anyone know why the changes aren't sticking?

Also, I figured that my new system would never glitch because of its processor power and video card...but it has a few times already...the audio has studdered a bit when I move the project left and right...I was only using 28meg of 512megs and had 1 soft synth running with 1 ohm boyz delay running...I thought this would be solved by making such a large upgrade to my Processor and Video Card. I have completed a full format of the hard drive and only have Audio Apps installed...its a perfect situation. Its not the biggest problem, but its definitly got me wondering how this could occur and how I may remedy the nucense without effecting my performance...i want to get my money's worth.

any ideas please let me know.
thanks in advance.

Dell Laptop Inspiron 5100
2.6Mhz Pentium 4
512meg Ram
64Meg Mobility Radeon 7500 Video Card
Stock Soundcard for now.
Windows XP Home Edition
Acid 4.0F

(old set up):
pentium 3 600mhz
640Meg Ram
Lexicon Core 2
8Meg Video Card
Acid 4.0e

Subject:RE: Soft Synth Keeps Reseting plus Minor Audio Glitch
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:2/14/2004 11:53:47 AM

Not sure what would be causing your soft synth problem. Did you try contacting Novation and/or Ohm Force yet?

Aside from that, using a powerful video card may be detrimental to your audio performance. Usually, such video cards have souped up drivers that may hog system resources away from other devices in your system (like audio). A less-than-stellar soundcard doesn't help any either.

You can try bringing video acceleration down a notch or two to see if that helps.

You certainly have enough CPU and RAM power. I should note that with large amounts of RAM, you should use the ECC kind; I've heard more errors can occur with non-ECC RAM otherwise. I've even heard that the solar flares from the sun can affect RAM performance (amongst other electronics).

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