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Subject:Faster way to draw volume & pan envelopes?
Posted by: mortalengines
Date:2/12/2004 2:20:45 PM

It would be nice if my selection tool would copy & paste my volume & pan envelopes when I use it to copy & paste events- If nothing else is there a faster way to draw & change events' volume & pan envelopes (you select a sine patter or saw/comb pattern to use repeatedly over a series of events? It's a royal pain to mouse right click/add point what feels like 10,000 times over the course of a song.

Subject:RE: Faster way to draw volume & pan envelopes?
Reply by: Big_Faced_Boy
Date:2/13/2004 1:34:46 AM

If you're copying and pasting events, make sure the lock envelopes button is pressed. You can't just copy the envelope, you have to lock it to some event data first. This works fine when repeating sections.

If you want to copy the envelope to various points accross, say a five minute recording, it can be done in a roundabout way... If you lock envelopes to events, split the event (S) at the start and end points of the env you want to copy, then copy and paste the event to where you want the envelope to be, then unlock envs, delete the event and draw/paintbrush the bit you want to hear. A bit of a fiddle (particularly having to remember to constantly switch between lock/unlock and/or if the track you're putting it on is chopped into lotsa pieces) and can get a bit messy, but it works at least.

Try sending your idea direct to Sony via the support > product suggestions page. I requested an LFO which could be applied to any envelope: different wave shapes, adjustable centre, depth and frequency controls would be great.


Subject:RE: Faster way to draw volume & pan envelopes?
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:2/13/2004 11:21:27 AM

You may cut/copy and paste envelope points only by choosing a specific track and then, with the Envelope Tool active, drag across the timeline. This will highlight any envelope points to be copied on the active track. Do a copy operation (CTRL+C) and then place the cursor where you want the envelope points to be copied. Do a paste operation (CTRL+V).

You may do this across the original track the points were copied from or onto another track's envelope.

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Subject:RE: Faster way to draw volume & pan envelopes?
Reply by: mortalengines
Date:2/21/2004 8:25:06 PM

thanks for the input - so... that's what the "lock envelopes to events tool is for - duh.
That's one of those buttons you see & don't see at the same time in the tool bar

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