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Subject:markers bug in sound forge 7.0a (build 262)
Posted by: peahix
Date:2/11/2004 10:58:50 AM

here's the problem:

let's say i have a sound file that's 5 minutes long, and i do a bunch of cutlist edits that result in a 3 minute file, after processing the cutlist. prior to processing the cutlist, if i have placed any markers toward the end of the 5-minute file, they won't be left intact in the 3-minute edited version- instead, they'll be moved to the same spot as one of the earlier markers, though i can't figure out what the "cut-off" point is for this to happen. i THOUGHT, in the case described above, that it would have been the 3-minute mark (in the 5-minute file), because that would be at least somewhat logical, but after doing some tests, that doesn't seem to be strictly the case, and i can't figure out any rhyme or reason to it. all i know is that the markers that i've placed in the latter-part of the original file aren't being left where they're supposed to end up in the cutlist-processed version.

PLEASE fix this bug ASAP because it's really screwing up my workflow!!


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