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Subject:any way to set the speed for "slow scroll" drag selecting mode?
Posted by: peahix
Date:2/11/2004 10:26:54 AM


with the newer video cards, drag-selecting in sound forge whizzes by WAY too fast... BUT, on the other hand, when i select "slow scroll when drag selecting" mode in the options, it's TOO slow!!

is there any way that a scroll speed control can be added, so that i can manually set a comfortable drag-select scroll speed? i use sound forge to edit hour-long voiceovers, which means that i'm drag-selecting to find edit points for hours at a time... never used to be an issue with older computers and video cards, but now i can't get sound forge set up to do this kind of work efficiently.

and yes- i've tried slowing down the hardware acceleration of the video card, and that doesn't help.

any other workarounds?


Subject:RE: any way to set the speed for "slow scroll" drag selecting mode?
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:2/11/2004 1:15:41 PM

I've found that the drag speed is somewhat proportional to how far i move the mouse beyond the edge of the window. If i move the mouse pointer just to the edge of the timeline the screen scrolls slowly. If i move the mouse a bit more (the mouse itself, of course, the pointer on the screen may not move) then the scroll speed picks up faster. If i "wiggle" the mouse then the scroll speed increases faster still. So, with a bit of practiced mouse movement you can alter the speed on the fly.

The perceived scroll speed is also affected by how far you are zoomed in. Zooming in farther makes the scroll seem slower.

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