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Subject:Midi Problems in Acid
Posted by: JD57
Date:1/10/2004 1:23:17 AM

I share the same midi recording problem.

I have just done a complete fresh install of XP and of ACID 4.0f

According to the other string this leaves Direct X.9 and Bios update.

I am not to keen on the Bios solution as it always sounds dangerous but if anybody as a good website to refer me to for instructions

BTW I have an Intel p4 2ghz about 2 years old.

I have experienced other problems with midi audio levels on MIDI tracks going all out of wack. I move one slider and all tracks adjust in volume but don't phisically move as they are not selected. And randomly the VST instrument gets an attenuation put on it when I press play or sometimes record bringing it below the other levels so I can barely hear what I am playing.

I have a Echo Digital Audio 2 chanel sound card.

Cound this be a problem?



Subject:RE: Midi Problems in Acid
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:1/10/2004 10:37:21 AM

RC, check out my response on another thread.

Try DirectX 9 first. You can try a BIOS update if one is available, but be absolutely sure to follow instructions to the letter.

You mentioned you have an Echo card; do you know specifically what product it is? I highly doubt it's the problem though, as their cards are really good.

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Subject:RE: Midi Problems in Acid
Reply by: JD57
Date:1/10/2004 6:39:11 PM

It's a Mia Echo 24 if that's a help.

The bios is a bit scary for now as I am in the middle of scoring a feature film on a deadline and can't chance it.

I'll check out your response.


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