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Subject:Problem with Rendering
Posted by: Droopz
Date:1/9/2004 12:43:41 PM

Got a slight problem here. Alright I have Acid Pro 3.0 i know its outdated but just recently i have been experiencing problems rendering my final tracks to .MP3. its says the page has to load or something. It does however allow me to render .wav files just not .mp3 and i need .mp3 files for my website. If anyone knows whats going on and could help that would be awesome, ill even send yah customized loops for the help.

Thanx Joe

Subject:RE: Problem with Rendering
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:1/9/2004 1:36:46 PM

Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling ACID Pro 3.0? There might be something wrong with the MP3 plug-in that ACID uses. (It could have been corrupted somehow, for instance.)

No need to send customized loops as I like to help out when I can here anyway.

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Subject:RE: Problem with Rendering
Reply by: mortalengines
Date:1/9/2004 6:32:10 PM

If you don't have any luck doing this in Acid, try rendering first as a wave file, then open your wave file in whatever disc burning program you have- then click on the file & "save as" an mp3 file - you usually want to check your bit rate on this - 120 kbps is the minimum for cd quality- If you just want it as a streaming audio file you can go as low as 30kbps-

If you don't have a disc burning program try they have a freeware/shareware mp3 converter program for sure -

I've never tried to render anything other than wave files in Acid- I usually save this for Sound Forge (even the cheap version is good) - I do my last minute fade in & fade outs & other tweaking usually just before re-rendering my file as well.

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