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Posted by: winky
Date:12/17/2003 6:56:25 PM

When I add compression to a track, it changes the overall sound levels in ways that are easy to hear.

However, I still have to play the track at the same volume to avoid distortion.

EXAMPLE: The loudest I can mix track #1 is -2db, because of one large, nasty spike in volume (of my guitar playing). What I'm trying to do is limit that spike, so I can raise the level of the rest of the track (which is too soft).

I've tried every type of compression possible, but if I mix at over -2b on this track, it'll distort.

I thought the point of compression was for me to be able to lower that one peak, so I can raise overall volume. (A volume envelope for the problem area doesn't sound quite right.)

Subject:RE: Compression
Reply by: Jessariah
Date:12/17/2003 8:04:02 PM

Have you tried a "V" shaped volume envelope? If you put a point at either side of the peak and a point in the middle (over the peak) and drop it down, you can usually get a very good result. The only time this doesn't work (at least for me) is if the raw wave is distorted.


Subject:RE: Compression
Reply by: marcarotsky
Date:12/17/2003 9:39:08 PM

also, run clipped peak restoration (if you have noise reduction plug-ins) it will take a clipped peak and un-clip it. also, try normalizing the track BEFORE adding compression!!!

Subject:RE: Compression
Reply by: stebsly
Date:12/18/2003 1:43:07 PM

or just use the "Wave Hammer" plug in instead of a compressor ... what you're trying to do is actually called "limiting".

I'd also advise reading a tutorial on using compressors.

lots of links here ::


Subject:RE: Compression
Reply by: winky
Date:12/18/2003 4:49:42 PM


Is Wave Hammer a plug-in I've got hiding in Acid somewhere (like the FX, you have to click to activate 'em), or is it a new thing I have to buy?

Also, I've done some research on this, and thought that the "LIMIT LEVELS TO -6db (HARD LIMITER)" setting on FX Track Compression, would do the trick.

Unfortuneately, none of the settings do...

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