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Subject:How 2 import Recorded stereo sounds
Posted by: mikey99
Date:12/11/2003 4:30:58 PM

i keep on trying to record sounds, importing them from microphones and other instruments. My problem is when i record, it only records mono, or half stereo.. What do i do to get a good stereo imported sound.

Thank you for your time,


Subject:RE: How 2 import Recorded stereo sounds
Reply by: KevSca
Date:12/11/2003 8:04:24 PM

Make sure you are setting everthing up on your audio hardware(soundcard) to record in stereo. Also when u start recording, in the record dialoge box in acid, there is a record device dropdown menu. Pick the appropriate selection for the type of recording u wish to do, mono left or right, stereo 1-2, digital in ect... If you have a stereo setup for your instrument, are u jacking everything into the soundcard as stereo (two plugs or a stereo plug)? As for microphones, u typically record in mono, unless u are inputing the mic in an outboard stereo effects box and then into you soundcard with two jacks (making it a stereo signal). If u want to record JUST your microphone as stereo, u need to y the signal from your mic's preamp and put both of those cables into the 1 and 2 (left and right) inputs of your sound card. U should then see two channels of audio in the recorded track you have just made!
Hope this helps.

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