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Subject:oxygen 8 and Acid
Posted by: mikey99
Date:12/11/2003 4:33:56 PM

As i purchased oxygen 8, a midi keyboard, it came with a acid express demo. I have the regular acid, so how can i incorporate my midiman keyboard with acid. It would be great if it worked out , thank you

Subject:RE: oxygen 8 and Acid
Reply by: KevSca
Date:12/11/2003 5:18:30 PM

Fist install your midiman software. If your going usb, make sure you turn on your keyboard before booting up acid. In Acid: Options> Prefs.>Midi then put a check in the usb keyboard boxes to utilize your keys. Apply it, then OK.
Click on insert softsynth then click on Sony DLS softsynth if thats all u have. That should open a window called softsynth properties. Pick a sound from that list of sounds and enjoy! Oh, make sure you click on the enable real -time midi button (looks like a little clock w/arrows) to be able to hear what your playing. Hope this helps.

Subject:RE: oxygen 8 and Acid
Reply by: mikey99
Date:12/13/2003 4:57:51 PM

Thanks for the adivce, but it seems to me that i might possibly have an older version of acid, ( since the instruction you gave me only went up to a certain point ), is there still a way for me to get around this, thankfully, i am now able to further imply oxygen in other programs, its just that acid is buggin me,

thank you

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