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Subject:Delay in Midi sync with ACID +ROLAND XP80
Posted by: nrj19
Date:12/7/2003 12:37:58 PM

I have sync ACID with my Roland XP80 sequencer via the TASCAM US122 usb soundcard. I use the midi clock sync. It works but i have a timing delay between my XP80 & ACID. What's the problem ??????? Thanks for your help.


Subject:RE: Delay in Midi sync with ACID +ROLAND XP80
Reply by: midihead
Date:12/7/2003 10:56:27 PM

Have you tried any other program like Sonar or SX...anything other that Acid to make sure the timing issues are definately coming from Acid? I posted an issue simalar to this a few days ago...and it would seem that this may be a common issue with Acid. I'm having a similar problem, yet support has no answers. My midi timing issues are non-exsistant in other applications and I've narrowed the problem down to Acid. I'm currently looking for another way to produce music because of it.

Good luck, man


Subject:RE: Delay in Midi sync with ACID +ROLAND XP80
Reply by: nrj19
Date:12/8/2003 5:44:34 AM

thanks for your reply.
I've not yet tried with CUBASE SX to see where is the sync problem.
i've tried not with my TASCAM US-122 but with my SOUNDBLASTER EXTIGY
USB soundcard and the delay is less important. I can work with that.
May-be the sync problem is due to the TASCAM US-122 soundcard.

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