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Subject:Hey MD,??Tech Question Please??
Posted by: KevSca
Date:12/7/2003 3:10:26 PM

This is a little off the acid subject, but it would help me utilize it(acid) more efficiently. I will be building a new computer with my brother (because celeron sucks for audio) and he suggested first I'd ask someone a recommendation on a motherboard brand, and a cpu for audio apps. I here from most that AMD is the way to go for audio. What do you think? If you agree, which AMD if there are many, and which motherboard brand to use with it. Sorry for so many questions but it's hard to use multiple vsts in acid with my current computer. And I'm thinking of getting Atmosphere so I'd better upgrade! Thanks for any advice from you or anyone!

Subject:RE: Hey MD,??Tech Question Please??
Reply by: xxFT13xx
Date:12/7/2003 4:48:14 PM

lemme jump in b4 he does!

i suggest an Athlon no LESS than 1gig.

i also suggest an Asus motherboard.

also, if you plan on getting Atmosphere (which is really nice), you better have no LESS than 512 of ram!!


Subject:RE: Hey MD,??Tech Question Please??
Reply by: MyST
Date:12/7/2003 5:07:25 PM

Don't mind if I butt in?

IF you go with an Athlon, make sure to get an nForce chipset, not a VIA.
It seems Via and M-Audio don't get along to well. You really don't want to limit your options when it comes time to selecting a sound card.


Subject:RE: Hey MD,??Tech Question Please??
Reply by: KevSca
Date:12/7/2003 8:03:53 PM

I have 1 Gig of ram now on my Celeron,2 Crucial 512 pc2100 DDR . Will I have to use something else with that motherboard/cpu config. on my new computer or can I use those ram inserts?

Subject:RE: Hey MD,??Tech Question Please??
Reply by: xxFT13xx
Date:12/7/2003 10:02:12 PM

Asus makes a WIDE variety of mobo's that will support the PC2100 version of ram.

I personally have the A7M266 mobo that houses my 1.2gig Athlon and 512 PC2100 ram


Subject:RE: Hey MD,??Tech Question Please??
Reply by: KevSca
Date:12/8/2003 8:53:52 AM

Since I'm relatively open to anything at this point, how powerful (gigs) of a cpu should I be looking at in this day and age of audio applications. I wouldn't want to find out I need a faster cpu in a short period of time (taking in consideration that I only have pc2100 ram).

Subject:RE: Hey MD,??Tech Question Please??
Reply by: marcarotsky
Date:12/8/2003 10:12:03 AM

(if running a PC not a MAC)

1. DUAL HARD DRIVES: boot drive (hard drive 1) has operating system and ALL AUDIO RELATED APPS!!!! (including plug-ins and ALL samples and loops)
DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT bog this drive down with unnecessary programs (microsoft word, aol, photoshop...etc...etc...) hard drive 2...install everything and anything else. (all your other programs you may want to use that are not audio related)

2. GOOD AND STABLE OPERATING SYSTEM: windows xp pro, windows 2000 are your best bet. MUCH more stable of an operating system than 98 or ME.

3. MEMORY: at least 512 MB of DDRAM (preferably RDRAM) RDRAM operates at a bus speed of 533 MHZ as oppose to DDRAM operating at a speed of about 333 MHZ (i belive you can get a little faster DDRAM now, but RDRAM is still benchmarked faster than DDRAM) although they are very close in benchmark tests. RDRAM is still faster and not that much more expensive.

4. PROCESSOR: a very big misconception is to think you need some god awful fast processor...YOU DONT!!!! as long as youre machine is healthy. a 2 GHZ athlon processor with 512 MB RDRAM is being benchmarked as one of the most fastest computers ever produced. it is being compared to a P4 processor with a 800 MHZ front side bus, 1 GB of memory, and operating at 3.2 GHZ. and the athlon system will cost you about $1000 less.

5. MOTHERBOARD: ASUS board is great. pretty expensive though. i belive they can even support dual processors. NOW THAT WOULD JUST TICKLE YOU REEEAAAL NICE!!!! :-)

6. VIDEO CARD: dont go dont need anything high end if you arent gaming!!! get a simple, cheap radeon card. about $100.
2 graphics will save you A TON OF TIME and its very efficient!!!! youll love it. and its only gonna cost you about 150-250 more.

try these....youll be pro in no time!! :-)

Subject:i hear p4 motherboards are more stable
Reply by: ozzborn
Date:12/8/2003 10:27:20 AM

im also about to get a new computer
the company i was going to buy from was a longtime adovcate of athlons until they started using uad cards and t.c. powercore cards. they say that athlons are more powerful but the p4's are a better solution if you plan on using multiple uad,powercore, and pulsar cards.
they say the motherboards used in p4's are better at moving data back and forth from the pci bus.

could someone comment on this
p.s. they is

Subject:RE: i hear p4 motherboards are more stable
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:12/8/2003 11:30:56 AM

Sorry if I'm late to the party. Something wicked this way came (and went) in the form of a snowstorm here in New England. It knocked out my cable Internet connection.

Adding to what everyone's said, generally speaking, I don't think it's that P4 mobos are more stable, but are more compatible. (e.g., the VIA chipset issue.) You do pay more, but you'll get more peace of mind as a result.

Add to that some apps like Vegas use the P4's ability to hyperthread. I don't believe the current incarnation of ACID also uses it but I do believe it utilizes dual processors if they are present. (Note that the OS should support dual processors as well. Windows XP Professional does but Windows XP Home doesn't.)

If there's one thing I would recommend it's to definitely have a dual-drive config as marc mentioned. Get at least a 7200 RPM model with an 8 MB cache for your audio.

You'll want your system drive as Primary Master on the primary IDE channel and the audio drive as Secondary Master on the secondary IDE channel. This is all assuming you go with an Ultra ATA drive. If you go with a Serial ATA (SATA) drive (which is even faster), it doesn't matter as every SATA drive in the system is considered a master. (You can also have both Ultra ATA and SATA drives in the same system.)

Might want to check out Motherboard Express. I personally get my components here. Their staff is very knowledgeable (to the point on what you'll need for compatibility's sake anyway). They can also build the system you desire for a nominal fee.

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