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Subject:Acid Pro 3.0 Crashes On Record
Posted by: meverat
Date:11/28/2003 2:43:01 PM

I'm running Acid Pro 3.0g (365) on XP. It's on my laptop I have a M-Audio MobilePre USB external soundcard/preamp.

It used to work just fine before I got my new sound card and it did work a few times with my soundcard but lately 90% of the time it will crash a soon as a start Recording.

My record device is Microsoft Sound Mapper. As soon as I click Start on the Record panel the program freezes and I have to terminate it. It also does this sometimes when I deselect the Monitor button.

my help settings say:

Operating System
Platform: Windows 2000
Version: 5.01.2600 (Service Pack 1)
Language: English
System Locale: English
User Locale: English

Class: Pentium 4
Identifier: GenuineIntel
Number of processors: 1
MMX available: Yes
SSE available: Yes
SSE2 available: Yes

Primary: 1600x1200x32

Physical memory: 261.5 MB
Paging memory available: 632.3 MB
Virtual memory possible: 2,097.0 MB

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 3.0 Crashes On Record
Reply by: KevSca
Date:11/28/2003 4:16:37 PM

In the general audio pref. try using the "classic wave dirver" I had a similar problem with 4.0 on XP and that solved any crash problems as of yet. Hope this helps.

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