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Subject:Acid Locking Up During Recording..
Posted by: xxFT13xx
Date:11/4/2003 11:38:35 PM

For some odd reason, Acid has been locking up a decent amount of times when i go to record audio.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Maybe is my WinXP Pro?


Subject:RE: Acid Locking Up During Recording..
Reply by: casinovsjapan
Date:11/4/2003 11:47:51 PM

i experienced the same problem using a pc w/ xp pro. it was so annoying: i'd be in the middle of recording a track and it would lock up/freeze and i'd have to kill the power to the computer in order to reboot.

i simply attributed it to the pci card i was using (aarvark ark 24). a friend of mine had the same problem as well. he corrected it by completely un-installing/removing his soundblaster card as it must have been causing a confilct w/ HIS aarvark card (dunno if this is an aarvark issue- dunno know what kind of sound card you are using)

in anycase, i am using xp pro on a new machine w/ a motu 828mkII fw interface and haven't had any recording problems yet... just waiting, tho, as audio playback has been another story...

good luck and best wishes,

Subject:RE: Acid Locking Up During Recording..
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:11/5/2003 1:05:11 PM

It could be your soundcard/audio interface drivers. Also could be how your system is configured as casino mentioned. Even though Windows XP is reporting that sharing IRQ's amongst your devices is hunky-dory, a device such as your soundcard still might not like the idea of sharing.

There are a couple ways of getting the card to cooperate, including moving the card to a different slot and/or going into the system's BIOS to reserve an IRQ for a specific slot. Freeing up IRQ's for devices you don't use (like your printer port or PS/2 mouse port) is another idea.

Using an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 in Windows XP Home without any problems. (Using the latest supported Audiophile drivers as well.)

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Subject:RE: Acid Locking Up During Recording..
Reply by: xxFT13xx
Date:11/5/2003 1:32:31 PM

oh well...ill just use Audio Studio for recording...then import to Acid...


Subject:RE: Acid Locking Up During Recording..
Reply by: KevSca
Date:11/5/2003 9:51:29 PM

Under preferences, instead of an ASIO driver, use the Windows Classic Wave Driver. It worked for me with that problem.

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