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Subject:Some subtle SF 7.0 diferences noticed
Posted by: sk
Date:10/22/2003 9:23:29 PM

After playing around with SoFo 7.0 today I noticed some subtle differences in the way it operates, specifically with regard to how it handles highlighted areas. In 6.0 I was able to highlight a section, play the beginning, then stop, and then start over again, while the entire section remained highlighted. Apparently, 7.0 takes whatever section was just played and then highlights only that section.

Similarly, I used to be able to place the cursor over a particular section while the song was playing. Hitting the space bar would then start the song from where I had relocated the cursor. In 7.0, the cursor does not respond the same way; it automatically plays from where it left off, not from where I relocated it. That presents some problems when I hear something that I want to address, place the cursor there, but it doesn't respond.

Finally, 6.0 used to automatically restart the song from the beginning, not from where it left off. I really didn't like that, and do prefer the way 7.0 responds. However, it seems that by making that change, it also affected the other two areas I mentioned above.

Of the three differences, I think I prefer the first two the way they were in 6.0, and the third one the way it is in 7.0. I haven't found any particular option setting to account for this difference, so it might just be set into the programs themselves. Frankly, even though I prefer the third difference more in 7.0, the first two come more into play on a regular basis, and might be enough of a difference to just stick with 6.0. Aside from the VU meters and some increased functionality in the Spectrum Analysis module, I honestly can't find all that much difference; certainly not enough to either give up something I preferred in 6.0, or pay any additional money.

I was just wondering what others - aside from Rednroll - who have made the switch have noticed. Along with noticing the differences between the two programs, I've also noticed that Rednroll has failed to change his obnoxious, non-constructive posts. Somewhat ironically, he has made a habit of whining about others whining, and to say it has gotten beyond old would be an understatement. There are others here who truly contribute constructive input and that is always welcome. Unfortunately, Rednroll seems to have wormed his way into this forum in such a way that despite some past helpful input, his posts from at least the past 4 months or more have been nothing but a display of his intransigence and counter-productive input.

The result is that I feel compelled to qualify this post from the outset, because a search of more recent posts revealed that he hasn't changed one iota. His posts take on a certain predictable pattern, always containing some reference to "whining", and usually blocked out with quotes from that particular poster, with his comments interspersed. 7.0 is a new venture both for SoFo and for Sony. It would be nice to be able to start off fresh across the board. Unfortunately, despite his loyal boosters, Rednroll makes that impossible with his incessant badgering. If that offends anyone (aside from Rednroll; he lost the right to be offended about 1,000 offensive posts ago) so be it. There just has to be some sort of middle ground here that probably won't be reached unless and/or until those who have supported him in the past finally face the fact that he - singlehandedly - brings down the quality of ths forum. And he does it unnecessarily, other than to satisfy his own peculiar needs. I'm clearly not the first person to point this out; and most likely, I won't be the last either. But given the fresh start of 7.0, at least I can appeal to those who know exactly what I'm talking about and who have the courage to simply face him down.


Subject:RE: Some subtle SF 7.0 diferences noticed
Reply by: CDM
Date:10/23/2003 12:44:20 AM

Hi -
With regards to your first three points, there is a new option in 7.0 (like in Vegas 4) which allows for the Play/Pause and Play/Stop operations to be reversed. There is a pref in the General settings that says "Spacebar and f12 Play/Pause instead of Play/Stop". It sounds like you have that checked. If so, when you hit spacebar to stop, it will pause at the current play position, rather than returning to the original play position. Also, it will affect selections in the way you describe. If you want to be able to Pause playback, but maintain your other functionality, uncheck the pref and use the enter key to stop playback instead of the spacebar.



Subject:RE: Some subtle SF 7.0 diferences noticed
Reply by: Spheris
Date:10/23/2003 1:35:56 AM

About from the Red commentary, which I really have no answer on. Red does what he does and we are forum members, not fast friends here with our own ideas and agendas. Enough on that, it's self explanatory. Like Red or not, go on with what you're doing and I'm sure he'll do the same.

As far as 7.0 vs 6.0. I've come to the decision 7.0 is a failure as a new product. it offers no new features and even more problems than it should as a fresh revision. The meters are nice, but plagued with performance/accuracy problems. The volume and pan plugs are alone not worth much except as novelties and have no perspective outside a multitrack situation and readily available in vegas/acid. as far as its enhanced media import export options - nonexistent. only 24p dv (though 24p avi strangely works just fine in mode in 6.0) is not directly supported and better to pop the $50 and buy the mainconcept dv codec anyway. More useful and plugs into a much wider range of software along with 6.0. The rest/quicktime etc are handled fine by 6.0. Despite what the marketing seems to say. The tone/noise generation, well its a start but not useful yet as it isn't available to intermix directly with the target files as a plugin and I can cut and strip wavs together just fine in 6.0 thanks alot.

7.0 is a strange angel to be nice about it. A money grab, without a doubt on sonys behalf. I refuse to believe anyone at the foundry would have let this ship as is without some pressure to perform financially from an outside source with no clue to what this company really does. Sounds like a flame, but isn't. I bought acid and then forge, and a PC system to use with them because they offered something my MAC with Steinbuggerme products couldn't an effective-straightforward means to get some work with a better precision than Bias Peak ever afforded me and a level of confidence in just working that Cubase never failed but to let me down with.

My two cents.

Subject:RE: Some subtle SF 7.0 diferences noticed
Reply by: sk
Date:10/23/2003 5:47:46 AM

Yes, I definitely have the "Spacebar and f12 Play/Pause instead of Play/Stop" checked. It was a new option and I thought the option being checked would mirror the way 6.0 worked. Obviously, I had it backward. I'll uncheck it as soon as I finish this.

As far as Spheris's post, it seems as if my perception of this being more or less a money grap opportunity for Sony was pretty much on the mark as well. I was interested in the "automated" DX favorites advancement, but have yet to figure out what - if anything - that is about. It seemed like the same old DX favorites setup to me, whereby one has to drag and drop each "favorite" to the favorites folder just like in 6.0. With all the other things I'd like to purchase, I really can't see even finishing up the time trial period with 7.0. At least 6.0 seems to have gotten most of its bugs worked out before 7.0 hit the shelves.


Subject:RE: Some subtle SF 7.0 diferences noticed
Reply by: RikTheRik
Date:10/23/2003 1:42:10 PM

The automation with DX is definitely new and very cool. The biggest feature I like in SF7 is to be able to save the projects with all edits. That feature enhance a lot the workflow in mastering !!
The other cool features that decided me to upgrade are WM9 support, enhanced spectrum analysis. I am not big about DX automation, I have it already in Sonar and I don't need it much in SF7.

Subject:RE: Some subtle SF 7.0 diferences noticed
Reply by: sk
Date:10/23/2003 3:43:58 PM

Very good point about the new ability to save projects, thus not losing the ability to undo changes even after a save that goes beyond anything offered by SoFo in the past. I just finished playing around with that function and I think that might be something that would swing me over to SoFo 7 vs SoFo 6. (It's amazing what can be accomplished positively when people just talk about the real issues rather than constantly whining about whining. I don't know about anyone else, but this thread has actually been very helpful to me in that it's helped me sort out some of the real differences between the two SoFo versions.)


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