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Subject:soundtrack loops with samples
Posted by: waveride
Date:10/20/2003 4:18:46 PM

Hi........... Just begining with audio, comming from a video/animation background........ I am looking at Acid to produce classical music soundtrack with, perhaps, sample loops (such as powerfx) or media tracks. Now, what would be the best way to blend and modify loops to create variations and movement ? I ve assembled Piano & pad loops which might harmonize (to a point)....... but what effects or modifications can we do in the mixer to make a musical sequence that may evolve into Cinematic music? I am basically just begining this journey........... and trying to blend a few loops together................
Thanks for your help,

Subject:RE: soundtrack loops with samples
Reply by: marcarotsky
Date:10/20/2003 7:04:48 PM

youre asking a pretty broad question, but i guess ill start with some basics that can produce pretty cool results:
1. tempo changes
2. key changes
3. effects envelopes (adding reverb, compression, delays) things of that sort can really change a sound quite a bit to something else.
4. "chop" the loops in the chopper and make new ones.
5. combine 2 loops to make a new one. (kick loop with, say, a piano loops) render it to a new track and you have a brand new sound.
5. get yourself a good vocoder plug in to totally "morph" existing sounds.

like i said, some of these are obvious, but you have quite the broad question...but these really do work really well for being relatively simplistic!
good luck...

Subject:RE: soundtrack loops with samples
Reply by: waveride
Date:10/20/2003 7:16:45 PM

I am begining to zero in on effects. I ve now become aware of ScreenBlast Acid 4. After spending a lot of time looking at Acid 3 and now seems you need ScreenBlast to do creative things. How does this fit into the normal version of Acid 4.0? Sony does not make it very clear. I see no Demo to download.......... but there is the ScreenBlast User Guide to read. Its seems to fit the bill
lllllllllllllllll Larry

Subject:RE: soundtrack loops with samples
Reply by: Waskel
Date:10/22/2003 1:04:38 PM

If you're serious about using Acid for production purposes, get Acid 4 PRO, then upgrade it to 4.0e. Screenblast is a toy, a watered-down version of PRO. If you look around for deals you can find them. (I recently saw Acid 4 Pro bundled with Sound Forge 6 on sale for $249 at Guitar Center)

Subject:RE: soundtrack loops with samples
Reply by: DKeenum
Date:10/22/2003 1:22:41 PM

And... you're going to have to invest some money into some loop CDs if you're going for a classical cinematic orchestral sound. SoundFX is great but don't forget Acid's own CDs. There are a couple of orchestral loop CDs that are specificly designed for what you are trying to do: Cinematix Volumes One and Two.

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