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Subject:ACID double-bass drum loops
Posted by: toddthatch
Date:10/4/2003 8:00:49 PM

Does anyone know where to get some acid live drum loops with double-bass drumming? I'm looking for stuff that would fit in a hardcore/metal setting. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Subject:RE: ACID double-bass drum loops
Reply by: Supertoy
Date:10/5/2003 6:27:21 PM


since nobody wants to help us in this forum i will try to do something for you. I used a technique of creating that "double-bass drum" sound with two similar drum loops phased out slightly to create a reverberate wall of sound. Then I added two Kick Drum loops(dirty kick drum sounds) i found on the net and placed them out of sync with the other drum loops. I added distortion and ...double-bass sound banginging against the speakers.

I do not think there are any acid double bass drum looops out there...or maybe there are?

hope this helps


Subject:RE: ACID double-bass drum loops
Reply by: Nechromatic
Date:10/6/2003 4:52:47 AM

I'm sure there are dedicated "metal" loop libraries...

what I would do tho is take the drum loop, duplicate it, erase everything from the second loop except for one bass drum, then copy n paste this bass drum double bass style...(i know this is nothing fancy ;) )

now...if you erase the original bass drums from track one, then duplicate track 2 once more , push it a 16th to the right and then detune the track 2 slightly, it might actually sound better (more like 2 different bass drums instead of using a single bass drum with a double bass foot machine)

illustration: ;)

track 1: ..X...X...X...
track 2: o.o.o.o.o.o.
track 3: .o.o.o.o.o.o.

Subject:RE: ACID double-bass drum loops
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:10/6/2003 12:53:20 PM

Adding to what's been said, you can also compose your own double bass drum rhythms using One-shot file types and the right library. (The Methods of Mayhem collection has some great bass kicks.)

The only requisite is that you'll have to know some basic music theory in order to make the rhythm in your head real.

RodelWorks - Original Music for the Unafraid
mD's ACIDplanet Page

Subject:RE: ACID double-bass drum loops
Reply by: toddthatch
Date:10/6/2003 7:46:34 PM

Thanks for the help. I haven't had much luck with creating beats myself from one-shots in the past, but maybe I'll give it another go. If anyone else is interested, I have located a site called e-drummer that has some drums with double-bass kicks in them. Unfortunately they're created with an electronic drum kit I think, but it's better than nothing. The site address is Thanks again.

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