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Subject:Is there a way to undock or expand FX pane?
Posted by: Akicita
Date:10/1/2003 1:46:35 PM

I mentioned this as a desired feature, but I wondered if maybe there's already a fix for this:

in my FX pane, I can't see the entire workspace for my FX controls. Even when I slide the pane upward to the top of the whole screen, completely obliterating my track view, the lower portion of larger FX controls isn't visible...and Acid doesn't have a view scroll bar!

Is there a way to undock the pane so it free-floats, OR to adjust/scroll the view so I can access the entire FX control screen?

Subject:RE: Is there a way to undock or expand FX pane?
Reply by: Chienworks
Date:10/1/2003 4:06:44 PM

There should be a thin line running down the left side of the FX control pane. Use the mouse to drag on this line and move the pane up into the timeline area. It will detach and become free floating.

However, i suspect that the larger problem may be that your screen resolution is set too low. You need a minimum of 800x600 to run ACID, but even this will make it difficult to see all the controls. 1024x768 is much more useful and what i consider to be the lowest usable setting. 1280x1024 gives you room to work with and the ability to see full control screens and still have large portions of the workspace visible around them.

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