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Subject:Leo Cavallo's Acoustic Guitar library
Posted by: DanS
Date:9/20/2003 7:28:21 AM

Has anyone noticed that no matter which chord strumming pattern (disc 2)you choose (audition), they all play back at the same pitch. In other words. A- pitch plays back whether you change to a D- or E- wav?
Am I missing something? Is there some "playback at relative pitch" box I'm supposed to check somewhere?

Here's the problem. I've got a song I'm working on. It's in A-, I select D- to change to in the song, and the D- wav is playing back at the A- pitch, so I have to modify the pitch of D- to get it to actually play at D-.
What the hell?

Any suggs welcomed.


Subject:RE: Leo Cavallo's Acoustic Guitar library
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:9/20/2003 1:01:31 PM

Pay attention to what track type it is in the Explorer. (It should tell you.)

By default, Beatmapped tracks do not stretch to a different key. (Double-click the track's track icon and under the "General" tab, check the "preserve pitch when stretching" option.)

One-shots never change pitch no matter what you do. You will have to change the track type if you want to change pitch.

Loops always stretch to different keys.

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