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Subject:Problem with "Time" display in Acid Pro 4.0e
Posted by: blacker
Date:9/17/2003 2:11:37 PM

Hi there:

I'm currently using ACID Pro 4.0 as one of a few tools to score a documentary series. Here's the problem: the imported video file is approx. 48 minutes long. I score each cue in ACID at different tempos then paste the finished cues into a "master" project in Logic Audio. However, I've noticed that once I get past 1000 measures on the timeline in ACID, the Time display (I have it set to display time, as opposed to SMPTE, or frames, etc.) switches from the normal format, i.e., "29:10.017", to showing measures... i.e., 1000.1.14 (or something similar). This is really frustrating. Is there something that limits the time display to 1000 measures? How do I get ACID to show me Time all the way to the end of the video...?

Thanks for any insights...


Subject:RE: Problem with "Time" display in Acid Pro 4.0e
Reply by: blacker
Date:9/17/2003 5:32:44 PM

Hmmm. Perhaps I answered my own question. I don't know if it's a bug or something, but if you're in "Time" mode, it appears that once you reach 1,000 frames on the timeline, the "Time" portion of the display disappears and you're left with only the "Frames" display. If you then switch it to display "Time and Frames", it works properly. Weird. If "Time" shows you the frames only after 1,000 frames, what's the point in it? Why not get rid of that option and just keep the "Time and frames" option that works?

Ah well.

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