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Subject:WAve Import formats!
Posted by: QuincyJ
Date:9/16/2003 8:32:04 AM

For this one feature along i would pay for an UPGRADE:
1. Support the IMPORTING of MULTI-CHANNEL .wav File.
2. TimeStamping (BWF format) for exported files.

These options would greatly increase the ease of LOADING Acid Built Tracks to dedicated DAW (DPS24)

Subject:RE: WAve Import formats!
Reply by: QuincyJ
Date:9/16/2003 8:38:19 AM

Broadcast WAV file (BWF) A variation of Microsoft's .WAV audio file format that contains additional data on the title, origination, date, and creation time of the audio content not included in the standard .WAV file format. An important feature of BWFs is their support of time stamping. Time stamping allows files to be moved from one session to another and easily aligned to their original point in time.

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