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Subject:best sound card $ can buy (for Acid)
Posted by: wupput
Date:9/1/2003 4:28:01 AM

Hi - I've looked around this forum and read quite a bit on sound cards but nothing for my particular situation, so I'm looking for some advice....

I've been using a Delta 66/Omni for years running acid 3.0 and vainly attempting to run acid 4. I was getting major clicks, crackles, and pop but have resolved much of this with upgrading my CPU/Mobo/RAM. But I still have problems - some occasional noise when recording (even soft synths, not just analog inputs), glitches when playing back my usual 60+ track songs in Acid with 2 or more real-time effects, occasional crashes.

I invested a lot in my new system: Asus P4C800, 2.4 CPU, 1 gig Corsair Ram, Gforce 2 Video card, 3 HDs (Seagate S-ATA 80g 7200 for progs, WD 80g 7200 for data, Maxtor 30g extra). Now I'm ready to invest a lot in a sound card - but no more M-Audio. I'm too frustrated with the bugs, poor drivers, and bafflingly unintuitive control panel.

My needs, just stereo ins and at least 4 outs, 24/96, don't need midi although I don't mind it. But mainly what I want is:
1. Good drivers - no bugs! ability to run latest version Acid 4 without problems.
2. Extremely low latency - ability to handle multiple soft synths/vsts/effects
3. Excellent quality - I use this machine to do professional stuff
4. Good interface/control panel - one which is more intuitive than M-Audio's ball of confusion....

Any suggestions? I've used Echo (Layla I think) in a studio and generally been happy, but would I get better results from Creamware, Mackie, Terratec, Edirol, MOTU? Do I need a DSP card? I'm willing to spend up to $1000 though would of course rather spend a bit less.

Other software used: Wavelab, NI Absynth, NI Kontakt, Samplitude, Fruity Loops, lots of plugins and soft synths.


Subject:RE: best sound card $ can buy (for Acid)
Reply by: drbam
Date:9/1/2003 5:26:29 PM

Echo Gina 24 (2in-8out). Solid drivers - good support and none of the BS typical of Maudio. You might also look at RME's stuff which I understand has better converters. I've used Echo Layla's for over 3 years and have been totally satisfied.


Subject:RE: best sound card $ can buy (for Acid)
Reply by: wupput
Date:9/1/2003 6:28:37 PM

Thanks, I'm strongly considering it. Are the convertors good enough I guess is the only question. Has anybody tried the RME cards with Acid 4?

Subject:RE: best sound card $ can buy (for Acid)
Reply by: Axelrod2
Date:9/1/2003 11:47:56 PM

I've been looking for a soundcard that I can use between my desktop and laptop, which is why I almost purchased the M-Audio Audiophille USB. After reading the reviews and complaints about how ineffective the drivers are, I've decided against it.

Is there a external card option that is actually smart for pro-audio? I've heard the Usb 1.1 convention on all current USB audio cards is limiting with high level playback (exactly what you'd have in ACiD).

Any word on good firewire units yet?

I've had the Echo Darla card in my system for years now, but unfortunatly I'm unable to get Windows 2000 to work with it for playback, it seizes my system everytime. Any ideas on this issue?



Subject:RE: best sound card $ can buy (for Acid)
Reply by: antonio
Date:9/4/2003 1:08:29 PM

Deggg! Sorry, to hear that about your Omni/Delta 66.....I've been using the same thing(Delta 66 card w/Omni breakout box?) for almost two years now, and I haven't experienced any thing major like you have...yet(knock on wood 3x)!!! I do professional recording also, but maybe your needs are just greater than mine!! Good luck with your next card!!! Let us know what you decide on and how it performs for ya!!! peace


Subject:RE: best sound card $ can buy (for Acid)
Reply by: CasaLoma
Date:9/4/2003 2:20:57 PM

Been using Echo/Event Audio card for years. First used GINA 20 bit and have since moved to GINA 24. Using the Adat output with a Fontier Design Tango ADAT converter to give me 10 ins and 16 outs (or 8 stereo pairs in ACID/VEGAS) I have been on Windows 2000 for 2 years, all seems solid.
Just a thought on your cracking and popping...have you done the regular audio tweaks for Windows 2000? Your systems seems plenty powerful , possibly too powerful for just audio ie. you may need to dial back the Video Card a bit that has caused clicking for me before. I run a AMD XP 2000 chip., 1 gig of memory and a dedicated 7200 rpm drive on a seperate IDE channel from my boot drive and burner. Im also connected to my home network via ethernet and occasionally connect my DV cam to a 1394 port I added.
All of the RME stuff seems fairly Steinberg ie. Nuendo / Cubase focused. That always scared me since ASIO was a retro fit to ACID. Additionally Event has a PureWave driver to enhance performance with ACID/VEGAS.
Unless you are really into digging into your system and OS I also might advise to stay away from the MOTU stuff. Cool for MACS but not so cool on PCs (if you dont want to tweak it)

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