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Subject:switching between programs
Posted by: MattX
Date:9/1/2003 9:31:17 PM

hello friends,
my problem is that when i have Acid 4.0 working and throw a loop into Sound Forge 6.0....i can't listen to Sound says the the output is suspended by another application...strange because i've never had this problem before...i've changed the soundcard section from Microsoft Sound Mapper...Windows Classic Wave and am now back to the Lexicon Core 2 sound selection...all don't work when another program is open or has been using it. (real player doesn't work either)

i'd like to be able to switch between acid and sound forge without having to close the programs and reopen them. how can this be accomplished so i can get back to working in my original style?

thanks in advance for the help!

600mhz pentium 3
640 ram
maxtor 40 gig
lexicon core 2 soundcard (YES...i know it sucks)
Acid 4.0e
SoundForge 6.0e


Subject:RE: switching between programs
Reply by: pwppch
Date:9/1/2003 10:01:32 PM

In the ACID General Preferences, make sure that

"Close Audio and MIDI ports when ACID is not the active application"

is checked. This will release the audio drivers for use by another app.


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