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Subject:Suddenly ACiD 4.0 or Vegas 4.0 won't load??
Posted by: Axelrod2
Date:8/17/2003 8:40:19 PM


I've been using both of these programs fine, with no problem. Untill today. I went to load ACiD: the graphic "registered" screen appears fine, but it just sits there. The mouse is moveable, but you can't select anything, anywhere in windows. Eventually, after around 2 minutes of sitting there, the mouse locks up and only a reboot will fix the problem. Vegas 4.0 does the same thing! Of all of my Sonic Foundry software, only Sound Forge will actually load.

I've tried to un, and reinstall both programs and the problem isn't eliminated. This is very bizare. I had to recently reinstall parts of Windows 2000, and I noticed DirectX got wiped out in the process, so I did install DirectX 9.0b. Thinking this might be a problem (tho it happened before I installed it as well) I removed it with a found software program and reinstalled DirectX 8.1. Nothing helps.

This is very frustrating. Any ideas?

Thanks so much,


Subject:RE: Suddenly ACiD 4.0 or Vegas 4.0 won't load??
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:8/18/2003 12:28:06 PM

Did you recently install anything else? Be sure that ACID and/or Vegas are the only programs running. Shut down any programs that may be running in the background before running ACID or Vegas if possible.

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