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Subject:Acid abilities
Posted by: nanonaut
Date:8/8/2003 1:11:27 AM

I just read an article from January, of this year, still stating that Acid is only worthy of loop-based production. I, for one, have used it's recorder functions primarily, found it's limitations and still rocked. My latest album is comprised of recordings of Electric Guitar and Bass featured topping the NYC Drum Loops samples(edited). Although the work was intensive, mixing the album was a joy, and Acid made that possible...

The main point of this note is to state further that Acid IS capable of the same things that Sonar, and the majors, Logic, Protools and Cubase are. I think, when others speak of Protools and Logic, they have spent too much and they can't get as proficient as quickly and end up unhappy with the results. I, on the other hand, have a body of work in analogue studios and I have easily transposed the techniques of studio and live sound to the desktop. As per raves from the public I can only say that I know how to mix. People can't believe that I have created my personal mixes using only Acid. It sounds Like a daunting task but Acid has the capabilities to get the job done. All I have to do, when ready, is cue the track by opening the file and then setting my punch point. Next I track the instrument and then edit the recorded sample. For pop music it is easy from there, arranging the main guitar versus chorus guitar is as easy as moving the joint from point to point in time.

Thanks, SonicFoundry,for allowing me a multitrack recorder within my home-built system!

Beyond all this, I think, if there is a recipient of this post within Sonic Foundry they should consider mentioning me to the proper superior as a clinician for the music retail side of art....I have worked for Center and Ash in management levels for a ten year total and I have sold a hell of a lot of SF softs, so, consider the concept, if you will, the Resume` is on the way as soon as I get the GO!

So, in closing, I am an artist and Acid is one of my most favorite tools. If used correctly there are no boundaries and there are no reasons why you can't get 'radio-friendly' from SonicFoundry's gear
Nanonaut Nanolabs-8.8.2003

Subject:RE: Acid abilities
Reply by: nanonaut
Date:8/8/2003 1:34:13 AM

If you wish to speak direct:
Address all comments and queries to:
Business happens to be heavy but I shall respond!
This forum allows interested persons seeking info on digiprod their answers so I continue the legacy and invite your questions, however, if you type like a chimp then you should not expect reply, I will only type for the clever! This is not to say that I seek to undermine the intellectual structure of the Sonic Foundry database, I only wish to help, and, if Sonic Foundry deems it necessary, I will finally begin teaching Acid theory to the masses...Your only, Nanonaut

Subject:RE: Acid abilities
Reply by: drbam
Date:8/8/2003 10:41:15 AM

Wow! How about posting a link to some of your tracks? You certainly don't have a problem with confidence but hearing your work is really your primary resume'. ;-)


Subject:RE: Acid abilities
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:8/8/2003 3:06:15 PM

Welcome, Christopher!

Glad to hear that ACID has helped you out immensely! Kinda wish you were here a few months ago in the forum. It wasn't too pretty. Stick around if you can.

RodelWorks - Original Music for the Unafraid
mD's ACIDplanet Page

Subject:RE: Acid abilities
Reply by: Pindal
Date:8/9/2003 1:28:24 PM

I agree with nanonaut. If you visit this link:
you can hear my album "Los años del viento".All the songs have been recorded, and mixed with Acid. Some of them are made only of loops, some are made only with guitars or parts recorded by myself and other songs with a mixture of both.

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