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Subject:Acid Pro 4.0e and NI FM7
Posted by: androgyne
Date:7/29/2003 6:02:34 PM

Ever since I upgraded to 4.0e, my Acid Pro will no longer see my FM7 VSTi. The .dll files for the FM7 are still in the same directories as before (C:\Program Files\Steinberg\vstplugins). Acid sees every other VSTi in that folder, but refuses to see the FM7, even after refreshing the VSTi Preferences in Acid Pro. I even removed and reinstalled the FM7 to no avail AND installed an FM7 demo, which it sees just fine, but not the full program. The FM7 runs fine as a standalone, but I am am bummed that I have lost it in Acid Pro.
Any suggestions?

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 4.0e and NI FM7
Reply by: erokat
Date:7/30/2003 2:33:14 PM

I've had this problem with a number of different VSTis, I don't think it's FM7 that's the problem- at one point I actually uninstalled and reinstalled Acid, but I've had the best luck with having a couple different VST folders, and moving the DLLs back and forth, then re-scanning. Eventually, Acid will see it. This isn't much of a solution, but it seems to (sometimes, eventually) work.

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 4.0e and NI FM7
Reply by: androgyne
Date:7/30/2003 4:20:47 PM

just for the record...I did uninstall and reinstall as a last ditch effort and IT WORKED!!! Not only did the FM7 come up, but several other ones I had forgotten about.
Thanks for the tip - good advice!

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 4.0e and NI FM7
Reply by: MacMoney
Date:7/30/2003 8:09:09 PM

I have one folder "Vstplugins" no Steinberg
When I install a VSTi I point the installer to THAT folder
C:\Program Files\Vstplugins
Inside the Vstplugins folder I have the VSTi.dlls and
a folder for each VSTi to keep the patches for that VSTi.
That way you keep your Vstplugins Folder in some sort of order

Try this:
Start | Run regedit
Locate the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Sonic Foundry\ACID\4.0\Metrics\VSTi Synth

and delete it.

Restart ACID. This should force ACID to look for VSTis again on start up.

George Ware

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