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Subject:Playback errors - unsupported media type
Posted by: gunhed
Date:5/30/2003 10:16:27 PM

I'm getting errors when trying to use the MS Sound Mapper or the Windows Classic Wave Driver in Acid Pro 4.0c. These options are in the Preferences on the Audio tab labeled "Audio device type." They used to work just fine in version 4.0b, but no longer function. The only option that seems to half-function is the Direct Sound Surround Mapper, but some of my music plays too slowly and distorted using this option. Not good. I'm having to revert back to 4.0b because I don't get consistant results between scores. I have a Santa Cruz 5.1 (Voyetra Turtle Beach) sound card running on a P4 2.53 GHz system, 512 Meg RAM with Windows XP Home 5.1. Any ideas what's going on here?

The text for one of the erros is listed below:

An error occurred while starting playback.
An unsupported media type was requested.
The playback device Microsoft Sound Mapper does not exist. (repeated twice)

Subject:RE: Playback errors - unsupported media type
Reply by: mellowjeremy
Date:5/31/2003 12:43:12 PM

I am getting the same playback errors using the classic wave driver with my audigy 2 platinum. I only get it using 24 bit. I wish someone would answer to this problem.

Subject:RE: Playback errors - unsupported media type
Reply by: gunhed
Date:5/31/2003 12:44:08 PM

I think I figured out the problem - I'm running Windows XP Home. I had to upgrade from DirectX 9.0 to DirectX 9.0a, and then reinstall the 4.0c patch. It's working fine now with any of the "Audio device types" I choose, including the MS Sound Mapper. If anyone runs into this sort of problem, be sure and upgrade to the latest DirectX:

Subject:spoke too soon - still not working
Reply by: gunhed
Date:5/31/2003 1:00:16 PM

Looks like I spoke too soon. Now, I can play a score once, but the second time I hit the play button, I get the same annoying error messages I was getting before. I have to close Acid and run it again for it to play. What in the world is going on? Are any of the techs reading this thread?

Subject:Additional malfunctions - MIDI I/O is gone
Reply by: gunhed
Date:5/31/2003 3:26:46 PM

In addition to the playback problems, I also found out the 4.0c patch axed my external MIDI I/O. I use an Edirol PCR-50 MIDI controller through my USB port to record notes and riffs, etc. It works great with the 4.0b build, but with the 4.0c build, it no longer shows up in the device list for MIDI input. It does, however, show up in the Preferences under the MIDI tab, and I have it checked. I just can't actually USE it anywhere! I've tried several ways of re-installing Acid, but nothing seems to help. I've verified that my Edirol device works OK under other applications just fine.

Anyone else having these problems?

Subject:Figured out MIDI problem
Reply by: gunhed
Date:6/1/2003 3:39:08 PM

For those of your following this thread:

There's a checkbox at the bottom of the MIDI tab in Preferences named "Auto MIDI Input routing." MIDI input can't be used for synths unless this box is UNchecked.

Subject:More info - 16-bit vs 24-bit
Reply by: gunhed
Date:6/1/2003 3:41:46 PM

Turns out, the playback will work for the MS Sound Mapper and the Windiws Classic Wave Driver *IF* the output is set to 16-bit (8-bit works as well). 24-bit no longer seems to function with those two choices. 24-bit only seems to work now with the Direct Sound Surround Mapper.

Subject:Rear Speakers don't function in 5.1 Surround mode
Reply by: gunhed
Date:6/1/2003 4:35:19 PM

Using the only 24-bit feature that functions, Microsoft Sound Surround Mapper, the rear speakers don't function AT ALL when the project is using 5.1 Surround mode. Again, they do work fine in 16-bit mode with anything other than the MSSM! ICK! I'd hate to be chained to 16-bit output to use this fine program!

Subject:RE: More info - 16-bit vs 24-bit
Reply by: Spheris
Date:6/3/2003 1:48:11 PM

This is bloody rediculous, I say start a petition for working products, screw toys like rewire until the rest is solid

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