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Subject:Tx for Rewire !! + remaining bug ?
Posted by: slcrz
Date:5/31/2003 5:38:40 AM

I'm Glad to see that this forum is usefull, and that our comments are taken in consideration....

Rewire works like a dream (still,I had a fatal exeption focusing on reason window)...

I want to focus on a little problem I had since 4.0a,

If I create a group with few tracks assign to it then Solo this same group and play, I have to stop the Playback if I want to come out from the solo...
If I don't do so ,and take the solo out of the group WHILE playing,ACID becomes really slow(almost freezing) and virtual memory gets saturated...
The only solution CTRL-ALT-DELETE loosing at the same time all unsaved material... :(

Any ideas of what it could be or similar behavior ?

TX in advance.

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