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Subject:Let the Buyer Beware
Posted by: rictheobscene
Date:5/18/2003 8:30:10 PM

don't know if anyone in this forum uses Mixman Studio in their setup, but if anyone is considering buying or upgrading to Studio X Pro, I would recommend steering clear of it until Mixman gets their head out of their ass.

The "copy protection" scheme used by Mixman on this product is borderline criminal. If Mixman thinks you have installed the product too many times for their tastes, the installer will not proceed any further. You get a message stating you need to contact technical support. Until Mixman's technical support (which is by far the absolute worst among music software vendors) bothers to get back to you, you are screwed. Even Microsoft spots you 30 days if it thinks WinXP has been installed on more than one machine.

If someone beta tests as much as I do, it is not uncommon to do a clean OS install quite a few times in a month's time.

I am fortunate that I don't use Mixman's stuff for my paying gig. I use it for creating files for the local kids to take and remix. But nonetheless, I still shelled out cash for a product that will let me install it whenever Big Brother Mixman deems it appropriate.

Just thought I would toss it out there. If I can keep someone from experiencing the frustration I am currently experiencing, then it is a good thing.

Subject:RE: Let the Buyer Beware
Reply by: Spirit
Date:5/19/2003 3:50:58 AM

Always good to know about buggy or irritating software.

Another one to stay clear of at the moment is NI's Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Sessions. Take a look at the NI forums for some real pain. Makes AcidPro 4a look good.

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