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Subject:Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Posted by: DJCrystal
Date:4/28/2003 7:44:54 AM

Hi everyone.... I'm really hoping that someone can help me, because I'm at my wit's end!

I have completed a song using Acid Pro 4.0b. The memory count on the project is 29 out of my 256 megs RAM. I have 5 fx traxx (2 are 3rd party "Waves" fx, 3 are SF). Most of my loops (with the exception of the 32 mb vocal track) vary from 1 to 4 measures each.

Here's the problem: when I try to render the project, the status bar freezes at around 32% completed, the time remaining clock zeros out, the time elapsed clock continues on ... until I hard reset the pc. I'm unable to close Acid via the Task Manager or by cancelling the rendering process.

It's some sort of swap file issue, I think. Can anyone please shed some light on this? I'm using XP w/SP1.

Thank you!

PS my remix project is due at noon : |

Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: FT13
Date:4/28/2003 10:26:16 AM

before launching Acid, is everything closed in your Taskmenu?

what kind of sound card do you have? do you have the latest drivers?

have you tried just rendering 1 track at a time?


Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: DJCrystal
Date:4/28/2003 2:10:43 PM

Hi, and thanx for your reply (and i got a 1 day extension on the mix!).

the only things open in task menu are my firewall and antivirus. My soundcard is a Phillips PSC605, and I am using the latest drivers.

actually, yes I did try the 1 track at a time thing, to no avail. The really strange thing is that this also happens on another PC. ARGH!

Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:4/28/2003 3:20:22 PM

Always close the firewall and antivirus before using ACID and see if that helps.


Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: MattX
Date:5/11/2003 11:57:19 PM

i experience the same problems.
Acid 4.0a or 4.0b will freeze at around 30%.....i usually wait a few minutes until i think the rendering would be finished....force close the program....check the new file....and notice the rendering has actually be completed. ???

strange and unanswered. ???

Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: antonio
Date:5/12/2003 9:54:52 AM

I had this very same thing happen to me on yesterday. I had Sonar open while i was trying to render tracks in Acid. It froze up, so I also had to do a hard reset on the PC. I think it's safe to say that it's best to have everything else closed when trying to render tracks in Acid 4.0 Pro. ...just my 2 cents.


Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: dkistner
Date:5/14/2003 1:51:04 PM

An ASIO thing maybe? I can't run two different apps running ASIO at the same time.

Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: Spheris
Date:5/15/2003 11:03:44 AM

common problem with an inferior sound I/O system, WDM or even MME would be the better choice to go to for mixdown mode. ASIO is a single in, single out system with some real hocus pocus going on in how it routes signals (and some even more inteesting degradation side effects to go with those routings)

Go with WDM for renders and skip the ASIO nonsense, you pick up some latency yes

but its marginal and better that than the alternate of a reboot

Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: fitifuturistic
Date:5/15/2003 11:41:26 AM

I am having similar problems....I closed everything out and when I was just doing playback i had this error show up. Could someone tell me what this means?

Sonic Foundry ACID Pro 4.0
Version 4.0b (Build 317)
Exception 0xC0000090 (float invalid operation) IP:0x1079244
In Module 'ACID40K.DLL' at Address 0x1000000 + 0x79244
Thread: GUI ID=0xFFF35E1B Stack=0xC3F000-0xC40000
EAX=02d2e9d4 CS=0197 EIP=01079247 EFLGS=00210202
EBX=00000000 SS=019f ESP=00c3fadc EBP=00000776
ECX=02d2e9d4 DS=019f ESI=02d2e8f0 FS=014f
EDX=00010000 ES=019f EDI=00002366 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
01079247: DC 96 88 00 00 00 DF E0 ........
0107924F: F6 C4 05 7A 06 DD D8 33 ...z...3
Stack Dump:
00C3FADC: 00000003
00C3FAE0: 00000776
00C3FAE4: 02EEF6D8 02C50000 + 29F6D8
00C3FAE8: 02D2E5F8 02C50000 + DE5F8
00C3FAEC: 0000060C
00C3FAF0: 00000000
00C3FAF4: 00C3FC7C 00B30000 + 10FC7C
00C3FAF8: 00000003
00C3FAFC: 400036BD 35690000 + A9736BD
00C3FB00: 00000776
00C3FB04: 02EEF6D8 02C50000 + 29F6D8
00C3FB08: 00000002
00C3FB0C: 00003376
00C3FB10: 0000000B
00C3FB14: 00000000
00C3FB18: 02D2E9D4 02C50000 + DE9D4
> 00C3FBA0: BFF6269C BFF60000 + 269C (KERNEL32.DLL)
> 00C3FBA4: BFF11DA3 BFF10000 + 1DA3 (GDI32.DLL)
> 00C3FBB4: 019F0000 018F0000 + 100000 (SFMARKET2.DLL)
00C3FBB8: 59B60000 35690000 + 244D0000
00C3FBBC: 19DF4F4D 10020000 + 9DD4F4D
00C3FBC0: 001AE50D
00C3FBC4: 00000000
> 00C3FBF4: 011AFEED 01000000 + 1AFEED (ACID40K.DLL)
00C3FBF8: 00C3FC7C 00B30000 + 10FC7C
> 00C3FBFC: 011E3C58 01000000 + 1E3C58 (ACID40K.DLL)
00C3FC00: 00000003
00C3FC04: 02D2E5F8 02C50000 + DE5F8
00C3FC08: 0000072A
> 00C3FC0C: 0060308E 00400000 + 20308E (ACID40.EXE)
00C3FC10: 00000200
00C3FC14: 00000000
> 00C3FC18: 0070C318 00400000 + 30C318 (ACID40.EXE)
00C3FC1C: 00000200
00C3FC20: 00000000
> 00C3FC24: 005ABAB3 00400000 + 1ABAB3 (ACID40.EXE)
- - -
00C3FFF0: 57FF0826 35690000 + 22960826
00C3FFF4: 83EA8FEC 83E89000 + 1FFEC
00C3FFF8: BFF7A24F BFF60000 + 1A24F (KERNEL32.DLL)
00C3FFFC: 00000000

Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/15/2003 3:18:12 PM

Rendering to a file has nothing to do with the audio driver model you are using. The audio hardware/driver are not part of the rendering process.

ASIO is not a single in/out system. An ASIO driver can support as many i/o ports as the hardware exposes. It is however limited to supporting a single model of hardware at a given time.

ASIO actually does nothing in and of itself to control routing. Some ASIO drivers permit input to output routing. This can be done by some hosts. Most cards that permit routing also supply a control panel to route audio.

WDM Wave Emulation actually has far more effect on the audio signal. Windows will actually attenuate the audio stream by -6db. The only way to talk directly to the low level WDM driver is by using WDM Kernel Streaming, which ACID does not support. Windows can also bit convert and resample audio depending on how your system is configured. This can translate into lower quailty audio and higher CPU usage.

For clarity of Audio, ASIO is by far the best driver model to use in ACID. It is equal to what can be done using WDM Kernel Streaming and far superior to using WDM wave emulation or DirectSound.


Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: Byzdalmyt
Date:5/21/2003 10:18:52 PM

It looks like this is the same thing I'm getting, but it appears that the subject got changed during this thread & a solution was never provided. What good is that?

Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: buffalosnout
Date:5/22/2003 10:35:41 AM

SonicPCH: I have read in several places that it is better to create in a higher resolution (like 48k / 24 bits) and then dither down to 44.1 / 16 when rendering. The ASIO drivers on my system don't appear to support the higher resolutions. I get an error message when I try to switch to ASIO when the resolution is set at 48 / 24.

In your opinion, should we even be creating in 48 / 24 in the first place?
And, if creating in 48 / 24 is a good idea, does it still hold up if it means having to go with the Classic Drivers and foregoing ASIO?



Subject:RE: Rendering FRUSTRATION.
Reply by: pwppch
Date:5/22/2003 4:57:34 PM

The settings you make in ACID are for final conversion from the internal floating point to the hardware. Internally you wont be loosing anything.

You can only work at the resolution your hardware permits. ACID works internally at 32 bit floating point which is ~25 bits of resolution. So, with different gain stages and FX processing you will be generating some additional information - mostly improved dynamic range - reverb tails and such.

Working at 24/48 is fine if most of your source material is 24/48. If not, then stick to 16/44.1. If your material is 44.1, but you set your project to 48 kHz, ACID must resample the 44.1 material to work with it at 48. This can be expensive.

When we convert to 16 bit for playback or rendering, we don't do anything like random dithering when converting. You might want to consider using a dithering or mastering plugin on the master bus to control you final output. Keep your master fader at 0dB and adjust your gains using sub buses or track faders. You can even run a little "hot" on the sub buses. Not too hot on the master though and you should use a bit of compression to avoid any real nasty spikes.

ACID is not really a mastering tool. It can do some basic mastering, but CD Architect or Sound Forge are far better at mastering material.


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