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Subject:This is so error
Posted by: jeepman83706
Date:2/8/2003 1:21:18 PM

Ok CuzinB and everyone else, I have completely uninstalled all the drivers for the midisport 2x2 bc of the error message on the blue screen. now, when i try recording audio and then press stop after i'm done, a new error appears in acid that says:
"An error has occurred during the current operation. An exception has occurred"

So then I click on details and this is what it says about the error:

Sonic Foundry ACID Pro 4.0
Version 4.0b (Build 317)
Exception 0xC0000005 (access violation) READ:0x10 IP:0x4C40A7
In Module 'acid40.exe' at Address 0x400000 + 0xC40A7
Thread: GUI ID=0x988 Stack=0x12F000-0x130000
EAX=00000000 CS=001b EIP=004c40a7 EFLGS=00010246
EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=0012f7e4 EBP=00000000
ECX=77f51254 DS=0023 ESI=00649f50 FS=0038
EDX=00000000 ES=0023 EDI=00000000 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
004C40A7: 8B 42 10 6A 01 50 E8 FE .B.j.P..
004C40AF: 02 03 00 8B 44 24 0C 85 ....D.
Stack Dump:
0012F7E4: 00649F50 00400000 + 249F50 (acid40.exe)
0012F7E8: 004C41A4 00400000 + C41A4 (acid40.exe)
0012F7EC: 00649F50 00400000 + 249F50 (acid40.exe)
0012F7F0: 00000000
0012F7F4: 006313B8 00400000 + 2313B8 (acid40.exe)
0012F7F8: 00000004
0012F7FC: 00000000
0012F800: 00196030 00140000 + 56030
0012F804: 006313B8 00400000 + 2313B8 (acid40.exe)
0012F808: 005ECCF1 00400000 + 1ECCF1 (acid40.exe)
0012F80C: 00196030 00140000 + 56030
0012F810: 01A52FF0 01A20000 + 32FF0
0012F814: 004C41C7 00400000 + C41C7 (acid40.exe)
0012F818: 00649F50 00400000 + 249F50 (acid40.exe)
0012F81C: 00000000
0012F820: 006313B8 00400000 + 2313B8 (acid40.exe)
- - -
0012FFF0: 00000000
0012FFF4: 00000000
0012FFF8: 005EBAE4 00400000 + 1EBAE4 (acid40.exe)
0012FFFC: 00000000

Any ideas on what this stuff means? Running this program shouldn't be this difficult. I'm about ready to give up here, so I need a ray of hope from you guys:)The positive thing, if there is any positive part to this, is that now there is no blue screen of death, just acid crashing with the above error.

Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:2/8/2003 1:41:47 PM have to be a bit more specific as to what's going on with your system, like what's installed (both hardware and software).

How long has it been since the system's been formatted? If you're desperate, you can always go that route. One tip: The less you have in your system (again, both hardware and software), the less problems you will have down the road.


Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: jeepman83706
Date:2/8/2003 2:36:24 PM

mD, for the sake of my crappy typing skills, please refer to some of my recent posts to catch up on what the deal is...
1) ""
2) The verdict is in
3) The Long Awaited Blue Screen of Death Message

Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: pwppch
Date:2/8/2003 3:13:19 PM

On the audio prefs page, try turning off

"Automatically detect and offset for hardware recording latency"

Let me know if this solves the problem.


Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: jeepman83706
Date:2/8/2003 3:25:22 PM

Good suggestion, however, it still crashes :( Ho hum...

Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: pwppch
Date:2/8/2003 3:36:23 PM

Just wanted to try this.

We are looking at the output of the crash dump.


Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: jeepman83706
Date:2/8/2003 5:53:55 PM

Ok. So here's the deal. This time, I unistalled both Acid and the MidiSport 2x2. Then I reinstalled Acid and it DID NOT CRASH when I recorded audio into a project I was working on with some midi tracks in it. Then I reinstalled the MidiSport 2x2 with the new beta version of the MidiSport drivers (V.4.1.20 beta) that MarkWWW suggested, tried to record audio into that same project, and it crashed. Finally, I uninstalled all the MidiSport drivers and unplugged it, tried to record audio again into that same project in Acid, and it didn't crash!!! So unless someone finds something out that's been overlooked these past few days, I would have to say that something with the MidiSport just ain't jivin' with my computer. So I'll ditch that. I still want to be able to record my midi keyboard, and I was thinking about getting the Audiophile 2496 audio card, but now I don't know since it and the MidiSport are both made from the same company...I don't want all these issues with the audio card too!!!!!!!!!! What do you all think?

Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:2/8/2003 6:42:44 PM

Well...there ya go...

However - M-Audio makes excellent products....I swear by their Delta 66 for all my work...could be their MIDI products need some work - OR could be their MIDI products installed with your machine...just don't jive.

Cuzin B

Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: pwppch
Date:2/9/2003 5:23:53 PM

I recieved word from MAudio that the beta driver should fix your problem.

You should contact: Alex Tinsley at MAudio

He should help you to resolve this problem.


Subject:RE: This is so error
Reply by: jeepman83706
Date:2/9/2003 7:50:50 PM


Thanks for checking on this for me. I had already downloaded the beta driver and tried that as well, but still no luck. I returned the MidiSport yesterday. Thanks though!

Subject:RE: Isn't midi onyour PC?
Reply by: luces
Date:2/9/2003 10:30:54 PM

jeepman, doesn't your mobo have a midi connector/game port on it? I thought every mobo came with one installed. You will need a special cable(one end has a side which connects to your pc and the other has a pig tail with 1 midi in and 1 midi out). This should handle very basic midi data. Check it out b/c it might get you buy for a bit. Luces

Subject:RE: Isn't midi onyour PC?
Reply by: jeepman83706
Date:2/10/2003 8:59:34 AM

Unfortunately not. It has a Line in, Line Out, and Mic, all 1/8". And since I have a flex case system, if I were to get a new soundcard, it needs to be a half height pci card, and I haven't seen many of those around anywhere. My next computer will have music recording written all over it.

Subject:Midiman drivers suck...that's the problem
Reply by: midihead
Date:2/11/2003 12:30:21 PM

I've been having the SAME FREEKIN' issues as you jeepman, with my computers. I recently sold my Delta 66 because M-Audio admitted that the ASIO drivers (yea, even the beta ones) were still buggy and that they've been getting a lot of support calls from people having problems. So, I purchased an Aardvark LX6 Pro sound card and the latency for audio is MUCH tighter...but I still get that same exception error as you got. I too have a Midisport 2X2, but didn't think that it could be the problem. Now I think it's suspect. What sux is that I used to run audio on an Athlon XP PC. I thought that it was the problem at first because of the Via K266a chipset so I built a P4 1.9 and am having the same issues as I did on my Athlon. I've been a solid supporter of M-Audio/Midiman products for years, and I know that they have been slow to release good working drivers when new OS's are born. This time, I'll never buy another product from them again. Something so stupid as poorly written drivers has made my life music project tardiness HELL!

Subject:RE: Midiman drivers suck...that's the problem
Reply by: jeepman83706
Date:2/11/2003 1:30:34 PM

Well it certainly was the Midisport in my case. Everything crashed when I had it plugged in running the drivers, and the second I unistalled all of that crap, everything worked fine and dandy. I recently got an Edirol and all is well:)

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