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Subject:Hardcore technical question!
Posted by: luces
Date:1/20/2003 2:00:51 AM

Hey there! I am at a point where I can afford a small upgrade for my system and I want to get all of the knowledgeable input that you can muster.

I want to know what you guys think will better help me in my situation;

I currently use AP 4.0, Sound Forge, and Vegas LE for all of my stuff( I think SOFO kicks ASS!!!!). However great SOFO products are, I occasionally have some performance problems and feel limited by my current setup(see below).

Now the question is I want to either install a new mobo and faster processor (ECS w/2100 AthlonXP) or get Win XP, but I don't know which will actually serve me better immediately. The things I want to overcome are; I want to be able to record with less latency and record and mix at a higher rate(preferably 24/96). In the mix realm I would like to be able to access a LOT of DX stuff at the afore mentioned rates. This desire to upgrade is in response to using Acid with a lot of tracks(all loops and one shots) and I want to use many track fx and not have it stutter at a playback higher than 44/16. Obviously a faster processor is ...well...faster, but I don't know if that or the OS is the crux of the biscuit.

I appreciate any input...thanks,Luces.

system specs:
Athlon 700
512 meg ram
20 gig OS drive, 60gig data drive
M Audio 24/96 Audiophile
ATI Rage IIc Vid card
SB Live MP3+
Windows 98se (os)

Subject:RE: Hardcore technical question!
Reply by: justifiedalive
Date:1/20/2003 10:21:23 AM

Hardcore technical question? Anyway, Xp will consume more recources given your current hardware. Your best bet to get more track count would be a faster processor. Your best bet for lower latency is a faster processor. Not so hardcore huh? Now, if you do up that processor and mobo, the stability of XP would be beneficial, but at your current status, it will hinder you.

Subject:RE: Hardcore technical question!
Reply by: MyST
Date:1/20/2003 11:21:53 AM

I thought this was going to be a technical question about hardcore!?!
Oh well. I'd also suggest upgrading your CPU and mobo.
Ideally, if you could get a package deal on all three...


Subject:RE: Hardcore technical question!
Reply by: fresnog
Date:1/20/2003 11:23:44 AM

After the mobo/cpu upgrade, if you have a university ID card and can purchase software at your college, XP pro is usually for sale there. I got mine for $15.99 - and it's licensed and legal.....


Subject:RE: Hardcore technical question!
Reply by: ATP
Date:1/20/2003 4:27:27 PM

i agree, a new cpu/mobo would benefit you more than an OS upgrade. XP would help, but in this case not a lot, as it would eat more of your cpu power than 98, and leave you with even less resources for your music programs.

Subject:RE: Hardcore technical question!
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:1/20/2003 9:48:21 PM

CPU and mobo.

Unless you want some more security features and dual processor support, you can go for Windows XP Home later at an upgrade price. Otherwise, go for XP Professional.


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