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Subject:Exception Errors
Posted by: FFred
Date:1/20/2003 3:03:20 AM

I get these very often, more so i think when i am stretching the limits, as in more soft synths, midi channels etc. What are exception errors? and is there a way around them? I don't think its a performance problem, as it will occur when i am using very little ram / no. of tracks also.

There has to be a solution...

Subject:RE: Exception Errors
Reply by: DjXSoundz
Date:1/20/2003 9:08:52 AM

they piss me off to no end. I'm not even running MIDI or softsynths and i get them. Even on like 5 tracks sometimes. Usually its cuz of third-party plugings (DLS, DirectX) like my iZototype that fucks it up.

Subject:RE: Exception Errors
Reply by: FFred
Date:1/21/2003 2:48:04 AM

but what is the cause or the actual error that occurs that stops the whole program. i would understand gapping, or the softsynth packing in, but the whole thing?

Subject:RE: Exception Errors
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:1/21/2003 11:52:07 AM

The causes are myriad, FFred. Could be bad RAM, for example. Generic RAM is known to cause such errors.


Subject:RE: Exception Errors
Reply by: hsonik
Date:2/1/2003 8:55:20 AM

i think its caused by conflicts with vstis. i lost a good track because it keeps crashing on me all the time. backup, backup, backup!

Subject:RE: Exception Errors
Reply by: SonyJennL
Date:2/5/2003 2:46:44 PM

Hello everyone-

It would help us out a great deal if you would let us know what you are doing when the program crashes. Next time you get a crash, remember what you are doing and try to save those details that come up on the dialog.

If you let us know what's happening we'll be much more likely to be able to chase down what's going on and fix it. :)

For example- hsonik, what vsti's are you using? DjX, what DirectX plug-ins? Are you using automation?


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