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Subject:protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Posted by: ozzborn
Date:1/14/2003 11:36:50 PM

just another example of how rewire will bridge the gap between multiple apps.

i bet alot more copys of reason(another revolutionary product that was considered toy-like) will be bought because the consumer dosent have to decide between one or the other,they can use them both at the same time.

adapt or die time is running out

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: MacMoney
Date:1/15/2003 7:13:35 AM

Where did you get that from?


Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: coolout
Date:1/15/2003 7:31:03 AM

post that link if you can. i don't think protools has rewire or ever will.

digidesign is the master of the closed platform.

i don't think digidesign wants you being content with making hits using the $400 P4 you bought off ebay. they want you hooked on their interface so you'll eventually spend 10K on a full blown TDM system.

they rejected vst and directx and came out with their own host-based plugin standard RTAS.

they rejected vsti and they came out with directconnect for synth plug-ins but Native Instruments and BitHeadz are the only ones making synths for that platform.

they keep a tight lock on 3rd party development. talk about quality control.

but to their credit the stuff has the reputation for being rock solid compared to vst and asio.

Subject:I've seen the future and it will be
Reply by: waynegee
Date:1/15/2003 9:20:52 AM

Here it tis...adapt ot die...methinks it might be too late, but anyway:

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:1/15/2003 1:31:06 PM


Go ahead and check out the link. It's for real. That is big news.

Q:Not to start another flame war on Rewire but is Sonic Foundry the only relevant player out there without this technology? I must truthfully admit - I gave two shits about this until recently when I had a chance to try Cubase SX/Reason/Rewire at a local studio. It is pretty mind blowing once you get everything hooked up. After an hour or two playing around with this toolset, I started to have some disturbing thoughts about what I would need Acid for in the future.

Anyone else using this and having those same thoughts?

Cuzin B

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: ozzborn
Date:1/15/2003 2:08:46 PM


i love acid but i just want to work with reason and acid at the same time effectively and in sync.
rewire would mean diffrent things for diffrent people.
some would rewire into cubase,some sonar,some protools, and some would would use acid as master and programs like reason and project 5 slaved (the last example would be me).

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: Nat
Date:1/15/2003 2:13:55 PM

If card vendors made multiclient asio drivers and routing options it would solve a lot of problems...
When I was using an AUidgy the Asio driver was multiclient and linking Reason to Acid of Cubase was very easy.
Now my wamirack is not multiclient and I can't do that anymore...

Rewire is useless with multiclient asio.

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: Maruuk
Date:1/15/2003 3:05:32 PM

I'll have an Acid 3.0g with Rewire 2, please. Shaken, not stirred.

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: ATP
Date:1/15/2003 3:32:40 PM

i have to say it's becoming increasingly frustrating ACID does not have Rewire support (or can't act as a VSTi itself). i've been using Cubase + VSTi/Reason for a while now, and well, you all know Cubase's midi capabilities are way ahead of ACID. i'm willing to bet ACID 5.0 will have Rewire. the thing i hope for it's going to be implemented properly. for now, Ableton and Phatmatic will have to do.

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: coolout
Date:1/15/2003 8:12:37 PM

wow, i thought i'd never see the day.

the most closed audio platform ever made even has rewire. all the folks spittin' on my petition (Jacose) can see what i'm talking about. no ones wants rewire...yeah right.

at this rate they'll be at least 20 rewire compatible apps by this summer.

digidesign said it was one the most requested features from the protools user base.

understand that the protools core demographic are studio owners with RACKS of synths that pay TENS of thousands of dollars for propietary hardware (dsp cards, interfaces, hard drives, surface controllers) and software. they are the last folks that would even use software synths. they can afford the real thing.

and even they wanted and requested for rewire.

what if protools could be used not only as a rewire mixer but also as a rewire synth , you know send AND recieve audio/sync like ableton live or reason.

you could record and edit in protools and rewire the output directly into your cubase, logic, orion, or sonar mixer.

BAM!!! automated vst plugins for protools, vsti synths for protools, dx/dxi plugins for protools.

hurray, hurray...the evil witch is more closed platform

damn!!!...why didn't i buy that cheap MBOX (under $300 it normally goes for $450) at the Mars Music closeout.

riddle me this...can you name another audio software company who's flagship app DOESN'T have rewire now?

let's not wait till 5.0, how about a acid pro 4.5 with rewire?

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: ATP
Date:1/16/2003 4:07:48 AM

one more thing about Rewire, there are basically 2 ways to implement it. i like to refer to them as the Right way and the Wrong way. :)

Reason does it the right way : you can add an instrument in Reason (for example NNXT) and in your master app (Cubase) it's possible to assign a midi channel directly to the NNXT and play midi notes inside Cubase. this is very nice, because you can do all your midi editing in one app, which makes it that much more efficient and orderly.

the WRONG way is how Ableton Live has implemented Rewire. yes, you can sync both programs, but that's it. it is not possible to assign a midi channel in Cubase to a sample in Live, so that means you have to basically do your edit twice. the audio loops in Live and the rest in Cubase. a very cumbersome way of editing your song, as you have to constantly switch programs, change multiple volume sliders etc etc. not to mention in Cubase you have very little control over the audio coming from Live. i can't believe Ableton has chosen to implement rewire in this fashion, but there it is.

i do hope that when ACID will have Rewire they do it the Reason way. IE, i can assign a midi channel in Cubase to an audio loop from ACID and do all the midi editing in the master program. if ACID does not do this then it will not be any different from Ableton Live, and perhaps even less functional. for one thing it would be a completely useless feature to me personally.

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: slcrz
Date:1/19/2003 6:25:38 PM

lets keep this thread up...

Subject:RE: protools now has rewire 2 capabilties
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:1/19/2003 10:49:15 PM

Please, let's not? (Asking nicely, not sarcastically.) More than one thread on the same subject is too much and buries threads that need attention.


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