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Subject:fruty in acid
Posted by: oddboy
Date:1/6/2003 10:01:40 PM

what on earth am I supposed to do with fruty in acid?

I can get it to play but how do I render or record?

render is greyed out

Subject:RE: fruty in acid
Reply by: Jacose
Date:1/6/2003 11:11:57 PM

you cannot render a fruity project in acid, that is not the point of having fruity in acid..

the point is so that you can make projects WITHIN your host, instead or rendering over and over again until it is right.

when you have finished the compositional and sound-design part of your fruity project and you are satisfied, you must then open fruity as standalone and render in the highest 32bit (0.24) quality and then place the wav in your acid project.

however, since ACID does not consider fruity's tempo changes and key signature changes it is sometimes not very worthwhile to use these two together, IMO

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