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Subject:is this true or not
Posted by: oddboy
Date:1/2/2003 7:44:41 AM

type one midi files have multiple tracks

and each track can be on a different midi channel

Subject:RE: is this true or not
Reply by: dkistner
Date:1/2/2003 9:45:14 AM

Yeah. I tend to equate tracks with midi channels, myself. Although, in Acid, they're all going to come in as one track that contains the different channels. You have to use something like Geniesys' Stolen Track to pull the midi channels out to separate tracks in Acid. Sequencers separate them into the different tracks automatically. This is a feature I'd love to see implemented in Acid for midi files.

Subject:RE: is this true or not
Reply by: braulio
Date:1/2/2003 1:17:06 PM

Type one MIDI files can have multiple tracks, and each track may contain MIDI data for one or many channels. Some MIDI software allows a "forced" MIDI channel for each track, so that no matter what channel to which the data on the track is assigned, it is forced to play all data on that track through the track's assigned channel. It is best to keep midi data separated by channels into tracks for the sake of simplicity, but there is no rule which says you have to.
Type zero files have one track which contains all of the MIDI data for the whole file.

Subject:RE: is this true or not
Reply by: oddboy
Date:1/3/2003 12:04:29 AM

so if I recored a "song" with several tracks programmed on my hardware synth into acid on one track it will be type 0?

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