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Subject:floops and acid
Posted by: substance
Date:12/15/2002 3:56:37 AM

Has anyone got floops vsti and acid 4 to work.. by that i mean being able to trigger the sequence in fruity loops by pressing the play button in acid....?

I make all of my beats (hip hop stuff) in floops, and have to export em to acid, where i chop samples to bits... i wanna do it all at the same time... have both running in synchronisation...

A simple yes or no would suffice.. and if yes... an explanation as to how...


Subject:RE: floops and acid
Reply by: substance
Date:12/16/2002 2:03:58 PM


Anyone there....?

Subject:RE: floops and acid
Reply by: oddboy
Date:12/16/2002 2:24:02 PM

no doubt...does it work?

Subject:RE: floops and acid
Reply by: SonyNateM
Date:12/30/2002 12:13:27 PM

FruityLoops should work in the latest update of ACID Pro 4.0. You should just be able to open ACID, Load up FruityLoops as a VSTi, open FruityLoops from it's VSTI, load up your FL project, close the FL user interface and hit Play in ACID. Your project should follow at the same tempo as your ACID project.

Have you tried this?


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