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Subject:EZBus as computer audio recording interface
Posted by: Melmo
Date:12/7/2002 8:16:27 PM

Is anyone using the EZBus from EventElectronics to record audio with SF? I am having some problems using it. My computer recognizes the hardware and so does SF but I am not able to record. Any ideas? I am new to recording and SF. Thank you very much.


Subject:RE: EZBus as computer audio recording interface
Reply by: kingklong
Date:12/9/2002 8:41:17 PM

we've got the ezbuss runnig well. We've not used it as an input source, merely as a "sound card" if you will. The folks at event are pretty resourcefull. Send them an email They're pretty quick to respond. I can tell you that it does work on the output side very well. Make certain that you've got your audio prefs in SF set to the proper drivers for the EZbuss too.

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