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Subject:ACID 4 on WIN XP and WMP...
Posted by: r56
Date:12/6/2002 9:21:40 AM

Acid 4.0a (237) on Windows XP Pro

Installed successfully and works ok but it seems that it has changed some registry keys that affect Windows Media Player ability to stream mpeg video files.

While on line when you click on an mpeg video link, WMP comes up, connects to the site and starts downloading the video but it sees the file as an audio file and shortly after an alert pops up warning you that WMP will close…

The error dialog refers to the file that is present in the Shared Plug-ins\File Formats\MCMPEG subfolder in the Acid 4 program folder.
(The error does not occur in WMP when mpeg files are opened offline from the hard disk.)

After restoring the system to the checkpoint prior the Acid 4 installation, the problem disappeared, so it is definitely a registry issue with one of the keys that point to the file.
It seems that the Acid installation overwrote and replaced data in registry keys that WMP reads when opening mpeg files from the Internet.

Anyone else has experienced this or any similar problem?

Subject:RE: ACID 4 on WIN XP and WMP...
Reply by: slcrz
Date:12/6/2002 12:00:18 PM

Same thing happen to me,
never knew it was ue to acid ...

I'll be checking this out.

Subject:RE: ACID 4 on WIN XP and WMP...
Reply by: r56
Date:12/14/2002 2:44:04 AM

I wrote about this problem to Sonic Foundry, the tech support response arrived surprisingly fast. Here it goes:

- Find the files "" and "". Rename them to:
"" and """.
Rename them back to the original name if you run into any other trouble, but doing this shouldn't cause any problems at all. -

I haven't tried it yet cause few days ago I rolled back the system to a point prior ACID 4 installation, so I don’t know whether this workaround eliminates the problem.

Subject:RE: ACID 4 on WIN XP and WMP...
Reply by: Mad_Man
Date:12/14/2002 11:35:07 AM

The instructions that r56 wrote WORKS ! I had the same now its fixed

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