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Subject:Acid 4.0b?
Posted by: dr_bobo
Date:11/20/2002 7:23:19 PM


OK, I got Acid 4.0 almost exclusively for the 5.1 Surround capabilities, only to be ambushed by the fact I need third-party software in order to spit out the 5.1 encoding. So fine. Sonic Foundry puts out the 5.1 Plug In (at a huge price, I might add...almost as much as the Acid 4.0 software itself) and I feel better.

Now, it says you can only run this plug-in if you have the Acid 4.0b version, which is NOT offered on their update download list. I JUST BOUGHT THE DAMN SOFTWARE A MONTH AGO AND I DON'T HAVE THE LATEST VERSION?!?!? Is Sonic Foundry trying to be Microsoft or something?

You're better than that Sonic Foundry!

Anyone know when SF is posting the 4.0b update?

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: SHTUNOT
Date:11/20/2002 7:33:05 PM

1. The 5.1 encoding plugin is being tested by dolby for compatibility...I don't think that you want them to rush now do you?
2. Let sofo take as much time to "get it right" with this next bug fix upgrade so that the rest of the people having probs with 4.0A can get to work like the rest of us.
3. If you don't like the price of the 5.1 plugin then go down to a dolby office and complain LOUDLY for the rest of us on how much they charge for their licencing fees.

4.0B should be out by the end of this month but I'd wait even longer if it would mean them squeezing in a few more bug fixes with it.[hint hint]

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: Baxter1
Date:11/21/2002 2:26:23 AM

Dr: Bobo:
While I totally feel your pain, SHTUNOT is absolutely right. We should all want Sonic Foundry to take enough time to get it right this time. They are still a good company, and I am confident that this will be a terrific application. Patience, Grasshopper. (Lame 70's American television reference.) And also, I believe that Sonic Foundry has to pay a hefty licensing fee to Dolby Labs for the rights to use their 5.1 surround standard, and hence must charge extra for the 5.1 plug. Bummer. Hang in there, and try to be patient.


Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: Vocalpoint
Date:11/21/2002 7:20:43 AM

Dr. Bobo,

You really need to review the pain and suffering threads that were generated by 4.0 and 4.0a to really get the drift on why 4.0b is so important. I have been using SF product for a long while and this 4.0b release, while taking an extra long time, is a pivotal release for SF. This one had better be usable and stable out of the box or some folks are going to completely self combust.

Having said that - some folks are having success with 4.0a but on the whole, Acid Pro 4.0 caused massive excitement upon announcement and then massive pain on release because it was painfully obvious that the app was NOT ready for prime time. I am a big fan of Acid and it's new capability but 4.0b had better be the watershed release we are all looking for.

To sum up - SF...please take you time on 4.0b. If you want to release it in 2003...that's fine by me...just get it right.

Cuzin B

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: dr_bobo
Date:11/21/2002 12:43:10 PM

OK...OK. I was a bit exasperated earlier, only because I am a huge fan of the Foundry and have been a happy Acid Pro user for a while now and this fiasco of the 4.0b version/5.1 Surround Plug-In doesn't seem like SF at all. But you factor in having to work with Dolby Labs and whatnot, and it all seems to make sense.

I guess the question then becomes, will the 5.1 plug-in be ready before 4.0b upgrade?

What sense would that make?
(deep breaths...go to the happy place)

We'll see.

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Date:11/21/2002 12:49:13 PM

what puzzles me about those people who say that 4.a is working are are saying so
despite acknowledgement from sonic foundry in these very forums about known bugs
and issues that very definately cause problems when running acid
these bugs and issues are what so fo is apparentley having trouble fixing and what is taking so much time
so i can only assume three things from what these people say about
acid 4 running smoothly on their systems

1 they have a different view than me of what constitutes running smoothly
and crashing often ,lock ups unexpected shutdowns etc are all in a days
work and not at all a bother to them at all

2 they use the program in a different way which means they never meet
up with these known bugs/issues can i just repeat that KNOWN BUGS AND

3 they are for whatever reason lying !

just a thought

ps 4 a miracle

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:11/21/2002 1:09:10 PM

No. (At least, I would imagine so.) You'll need the 4.0b update before you can use the 5.1 plug-in. (It states it in small print in the latest SoFo catalog on p. 20.)

SoFo plans on releasing the 4.0b update probably in the next week or so. I would imagine they'll release the 5.1 plug-in at the same time.


Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: Weevil
Date:11/21/2002 5:02:44 PM


4 simply that the program runs very stably and doesn’t crash on their system.

I’ll have a stab at it if you like, tell me some of the things that make it crash for you and I’ll see if I can reproduce them.

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: slcrz
Date:11/21/2002 5:36:59 PM

Thrust PHATDRUMS when he's saying that some people "believe" A4 is running stable...
they just have a different conception of STABLE.

at the end of the day we all Agreed on the fact that this app is not Working properly (at least the way it was intented to work).

but I 'm confident,and know that 4.0b is gonna be good.

Can't wait to work properly !

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: anon
Date:11/21/2002 6:35:47 PM

First of all to clarify, I'm not trying to defend ACID 4 here because it is very evident that there are many loose ends that need to be tied up and many people still have serious problems. But as far as stability for me, ACID 4.0a has been 95% trouble free since the day the 4.0a update came out. I am able to work with very little interruptions and am using and abusing almost all features available, except surround sound and odd time signatures. I occasionally will get a freeze-up, but not very often. I usually play on ACID 2-4 hours a night, 5-6 days a week. It's probably been at least a couple weeks since my last encounter with a problem. So rock solid, nope. A few odd bugs, sure. But stable enough to keep me working happily, yes. Sure, I am definitely looking forward to 4.0b, but it's not keeping me from working, far from it. Again, I'm not trying to defend ACID here, I'm just trying to clarify for said above posts.

PIII 500Mhz, 256 DDR RAM, SB Live! - so it's not like I have a tricked out computer either.

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: MacMoney
Date:11/21/2002 6:43:26 PM

Hi Phatdrums
If you don't mind I'd like to try a project that crashes on you,
send it as a Acid zip


Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: Weevil
Date:11/22/2002 1:37:15 AM

I don’t have a different concept of stable.

I ‘believe’ ACID is running stably on my machine because I haven’t had any problems with it. It hasn’t once crashed, locked up, frozen or shut down on me.

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Date:11/22/2002 2:56:16 AM

george i dont have any a4 projects to send send because it just doesnt work for me on a variety of machines
but my point is how can can you say that this app is running correctly when the bugs have been acknowledged do you just overlook them ?
also is three months not a little worrying for B revision if so fo cant get it to run correctley how come people in these forums can

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: MacMoney
Date:11/22/2002 8:25:39 AM

I can only speak or comment about how Acid 4 run on my systems.
I never said that Acid is bug free or never crashes. On 4.0 I had some crashes not a lot, going to 4.0a and also upgrading my 8 systems to WinXP (not because of Acid). We here are not having any problems. Sonic Foundry knows Acid has some issues too many people are posting them and I would bet they are working very hard to make sure that they address most of the problems that they possibly can. I was only asking to try and offer some help, It was not that I didn't believe you're not having any problems, if it came off that way I'm sorry. Here all of our systems are almost the same setup XP Pro, Intel mobo, P4s 1.7-2.5, MOTU hardware all built by the same guy.


Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Date:11/22/2002 10:01:11 AM

no probs here at all george thanks for the offer of help but it still doesnt
explain how a known bug /issue that is after all a code error will work on your
systems these are faults in the program that sofo have admitted to in previous posts ive read so unless you ignoring them or re -writing this program you must have
these issues im not talking about machine to machine idosyncracies with this prog (working on some not others not mine)but actual known errors
can you really just for one minute take a step back and see how unlikely that can seem
can you really be using this prog in such a different manner to me and others that your work mode bypasses these known bugs if so id really like to know your method but most of all id really like a redesign of this app the midi and vsti
implementation is so bad that i believe that man was still wearing animal skins and bearing clubs for communication tools the last time i saw something so retro
it is an insult that on top of the bad design that it doesnt work !

unless you get the rose tinted spectacles out of course
sorry to rant

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: MacMoney
Date:11/22/2002 12:10:17 PM

Its cool,
I can't give you an answer on why it works on some systems and not others.
I hope they will have everything worked out so people could get back to making music.
If there's anything I could help you with please let me know.

George Ware

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Date:11/22/2002 3:36:07 PM

thanks george im grateful for your time

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Reply by: stusy
Date:11/22/2002 9:32:03 PM

Maybe they're testing it for compatability issues with CDA 5.0..?

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0b?
Date:11/23/2002 3:13:16 AM

cda 5 is a standalone its has nothing to do with acid

Subject:RE: Acid 4.0x
Reply by: aress
Date:11/23/2002 11:47:54 AM

my SF & win2kpro systems have been 95% stable with 4.0a.... that is not to say there arent some flaws that keep croping up.... it is also very embarrassing when i have a client in the room, and we are doing a high end project, and the bloody software crashs....they all ask me why i'm not using my protools system....and its too hard to explain to them how much acid lets me to amazing things on the fly!

that be said...

i believe all the issues with sonic foundry stem from the fact,

1. their stock is in the toilet, i'm sure they are having huge human resource probs.
how would you like to be a software engineer, and be able to make 3x the amount you make at SF at some other company looking for your skills.....

2. they are focusing their efforts with industrial, and goverment contracts for their media services... should be good for cash flow....

3. student riots in Madison, WI....!

i hope these cracks in SF arent a sign that they are going to go belly up...that would suck for all of us....

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