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Subject:Acid Pro 4.0 and System Resources
Posted by: SonicSounds
Date:11/21/2002 8:59:08 AM

After using 4.0a in XP I've noticed it uses a lot more system resources than 3.0 did. I try to run the songs I did in 3.0 in 4.0a and I get more system slowdown. New projects I'm working on don't seem to be able to handle the same amount of plugin FX that 3.0 could. Is the engine in the new version more CPU intensive? A song with a fair amount of tracks and FX playing runs the CPU up to 90% +. I have a PIII 7333mhz.

Also I've noticed that running VSTi's as MIDI rather than rendering them down to WAV seems to playback smoother. Wouldn't it take more processing power to playback a VSTi than a WAV?

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 4.0 and System Resources
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:11/21/2002 12:48:35 PM

Wow. Just a PIII 7333 MHz? ;o)

Seriously, you're probably hitting a performance ceiling just as I have with my PIII 800EB MHz. It would make sense that more horsepower would be required, since ACID 4.0's engine sounds better than ACID 3.0's. You have to also figure in ACID's stretching ability; this is not a multitracking app. It just doesn't play tracks back at face value in their original tempo and key. (Unless they're One-shots anyway.)

You can usually get around it quite nicely by rendering the FX with the track, especially if you know you like the track the way it is and won't change it. (You can always keep the original track and mute it if you change your mind, as keeping a muted track doesn't degrade playback.) That way, ACID won't have to do FX on the fly while playing the project back. I'd suggest this anyway no matter what app that's being discussed.

A VSTi's performance is all dependent on the VSTi itself. Some VSTi's run very low CPU resources, and some hog resources so much you probably wouldn't get by with just a few tracks.


Subject:RE: Acid Pro 4.0 and System Resources
Reply by: xxFT13xx
Date:11/21/2002 1:34:38 PM

this is what i always do before starting with Acid Pro 4.

First, kill everything in your system tray EXCEPT for EXPLORER and SYSTRAY

Next, go to this link: and download RAMBOOSTER. it frees up memory that closed appz are still using.

so i use that after i kill everything in my system tray, then i open Acid and play/record away!!


Subject:RE: Acid Pro 4.0 and System Resources
Reply by: SonicSounds
Date:11/21/2002 4:11:00 PM

When you CTRL/ALT/Delete in XP it brings up all of the functions running on your system. When I do it I have around 20 things running. Although they don't show up as using any resources. Is it wise to remove some of these. If so, which ones can I get rid of? Also, how do I permanently do it?

Subject:RE: Acid Pro 4.0 and System Resources
Reply by: salad
Date:11/21/2002 6:32:58 PM

The only time I use the Ctrl+Alt+Delete in XP is to shut down an app that's "hanging", so it's best not to go that route, as you may kill XP and need to reboot.
In XP, just customize your Services(start/run/services.msc) and Start Menu(msconfig).
That link that mD is always posting for tweaks......references BlackVipers XP Service tweaks among other good tips.

That RAMBOOSTER app is pretty cool. I use that too.

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