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Subject:Problem: VSTI sound suddenly stops
Posted by: indeepthought
Date:10/22/2002 11:02:51 AM

I have been having a horrible time getting VSTi's to work consistently. It seems no matter what VSTi I attempt to use, I get the same result. It will work fine for a couple minutes and then suddenly, the sound will just drop out completely. This happend wit sr-202 from computer music first. to be on the safe side, i tried using triangle II and delay lama and the same thing occured. It did take longer for the dropout to occur with Triangle.

Subject:RE: Problem: VSTI sound suddenly stops
Reply by: slcrz
Date:10/22/2002 11:43:46 AM

What do u mean by drop outs ?
If it's the VSTi main volume that drop by 20 db's ,it's a Acid 4 Bug...

If not,could u be more specific.

Subject:RE: Problem: VSTI sound suddenly stops
Reply by: Iacobus
Date:10/22/2002 12:01:40 PM

Have you tried to set the latency a little higher for your soundcard? I've had that problem with the SR-202 as well. Setting the latency a little higher cured it. Doesn't happen with the the CM-101 (which is also from Computer Music) though.


Subject:RE: Problem: VSTI sound suddenly stops
Reply by: indeepthought
Date:10/22/2002 12:55:23 PM

Sorry I was not specific enough. A more detailed account:

I attempted to step-write a midi pattern. I assigned sr-202 to the midi track. I looped the pattern, along with my other acid tracks to see how they would synch. It plays fine for about a minute and then the volume on the sr-202 channel goes completely silent. no stutter, no level reading on the meter at all. when i attempt to trigger the sound manually from my keyboard or even with my mouse, no sound is heard and no level apperas on meter. Same thing occured when i used Triangle, although triangle seemed to run longer ( about 5 minutes). I'll try adjusting the latency.

Subject:RE: Problem: VSTI sound suddenly stops
Reply by: SonyNateM
Date:10/22/2002 1:00:14 PM

There was a bug with the SR202. It has been isolated and fixed for 4.0b.

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